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You’re Doing it All Wrong

close up of woman's forehead with the word "guilt" written on it

OK so the subject sounds harsh, but I’d like to talk about this right vs. wrong and perfect mom business. Perfectionism is plaguing parenthood, and I want to call it out right now. Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough; failing at something or everything? Are you feeling guilty about something you’re not doing “right”? Not a good enough wife, mother, daughter, sister, worker, or…..fill in the blank? Do you lose your sh*t sometimes, then feel like crap?

Well guess what? You ARE doing something wrong. You’re wrong to expect that you’ll ever be perfect. You’re wrong to feel guilty for anything you’re not doing right. You’re wrong to think that there is any right way to mother or parent. You’re wrong to believe that self-flogging will serve you or your family in any way. The media gives you trillions of reasons to feel like a bad mom, or not good enough in myriad ways. But that doesn’t mean it’s true, or that you’re failing at anything. You’re doing your best. You’ve got a hard job, but you’re showing up every day. The only thing wrong you’re doing right now is being hard on yourself.

Try this mantra on for size: 

I’m not perfect, but I’m good enough. In my child’s eyes, I am perfect just as I am.”



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