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Traveling With Babies & Toddlers: Top 3 Survival Tips!

traveling with babies

Real question from a real mom: “Will it ever get easier traveling with a baby and a toddler?” Me: “Yes, in about 4 years.”

I wish I were kidding, but it’s true. Before kids, I swore I would schlep my kids with me to exotic places like India, South Africa and Scotland. But then I learned the harsh, ugly truth. One trip to Seattle with a baby and a toddler waking at 3am cured me forever. And we’re much happier now vacationing in big tacky all-inclusive Caribbean resorts where we can “Dump & Run” at the Kids’ Club… So if you’re traveling with wee ones during the holidays, be prepared for sleep regressions and to need a vacation when you come home. Yes, it really will suck, but here are my Top 3 Tips to make it feel less painful:

  • Go with the flow. Your sleep schedule will get messed up when you travel. If you let your baby nap on the fly, you will have more fun.
  • Stress less; sleep more. Drink extra wine, give yourself permission to co-sleep, take turns on the couch (with earplugs!), and deal with sleep regressions when you get home.
  • Accept support. Allow well-meaning family and friends to help, and give them jobs! Whether you need a nap, a date or a shoulder rub – delegate, accept, and ye shall receive.



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