The difference between a Sleep Consultant and a Sleep Trainer

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The difference between a Sleep Consultant and a Sleep Trainer

sleep trainer Let me guess. You’re here because you were Googling “sleep trainer” or “sleep consultant” at 3am. You saw a list of baby sleep consultants, sleep coaches and sleep trainers who offer a vast array of services at different price points, and you’re confused about why some charge $500-$1,500 and why it’s significantly more expensive to hire a “sleep trainer.”

The short answer? Only one of them provides real-time sleep training support in your home. I’ll break it down:

Baby seep “consultants” consult by phone and email. They will give you a plan, followed by 2-4 weeks of phone, text and/or email support. They’re not with you in your home, and they don’t get to know your baby. While this does work for some families, and it’s affordable, sleep training without real-time support is HARD. It may literally be the hardest thing you’ve ever done (even harder than childbirth).

Because here’s the thing:

Following a “plan” in the middle of the night is impossible when you’re already sleep-deprived. The “plan” doesn’t tell you what to do when the plan isn’t working. The plan is useless when you and your partner are arguing at 3am. One of you will likely give in, and rock or feed your baby to sleep because your baby is crying and you don’t know what else to do. But then your baby gets confused, and you’re back at square one, emailing or texting your sleep consultant in the morning.

Many of our clients (including pediatricians) have learned the hard way. They’ve spent weeks or months trying to follow The Plan, but gave up after what felt like endless crying, and little or no progress. They come to us feeling utterly defeated, terrified that they’ll never sleep again.

A sleep trainer (like us) will stay with you in your home for 3-4 nights and days to guide you through the whole sleep training process in real time. It’s a more significant investment because we basically move in with you for a few days, to ensure your success. It works faster because we observe what’s working and shift our strategy in real time to make it easier for your baby (who will likely sleep 10-12 hours on the 2nd or 3rd night). An expert sleep trainer will help you teach your baby all the skills they need to establish healthy sleep habits for life in a few days, but four weeks of unlimited support afterwards is what really helps you feel confident that you’re all set, and know how to maintain healthy sleep habits forevermore.

Sleep-training is a nuanced process and it’s also emotional for you, especially after months of sleep deprivation. Experiencing first-hand the environment of your baby over 3-4 days, helps us tailor our recommendations for your baby. Getting to spend time with you and your baby lets us really get to know the dynamics of the family and develop a trusting relationship. We are there with you to gently support you through all the challenges, emotions, and to offer choices and recommendations for those “what do I do?” situations. We will discuss with you what we are observing, help you understand the difference between your baby’s habits and needs, we will show you in real time what your baby is capable of, and how handle those “now what?” situations after we leave.

Brainstorming logistical challenges with small spaces, or room-sharing with siblings is a common challenge for NYC families, and something we can best do when staying with you in your home. We bring an outside, experienced perspective. We’re well-rested, and we’re not emotionally attached to your baby, so we can observe facts, collect data, and see things that you cannot see. We help you make split-second decisions night and day, to make sleep training seamless and easy for you and your baby.

Our clients tell us again and again that hiring us was “the best money we’ve ever spent,” “life-changing,” and “could have never done it without you.”

The idea of inviting a virtual stranger into your home for 3-4 days may not be initially appealing, and it is a significant investment, but it can literally be the difference between weeks or months of crying and struggling, or sleeping through the night in 3-4 days.

If you want an honest assessment about what’s best for you, reach out today and let us help you decide!

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