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The Difference Between a Sleep Trainer and a Sleep Consultant

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Let me guess.

You’re here because you were Googling “sleep trainer” or “sleep consultant” at 3am. You saw a list of baby sleep consultants, sleep coaches and sleep trainers who offer a vast array of services at different price points. You’re confused about why some baby sleep consultants charge $500-$1,000 and others are more than $7K.

The short answer? Only one of them provides real-time sleep training support with an experienced expert.

I’ll break it down.


What is a Sleep Consultant?

Baby sleep “consultants” consult by phone, email and text. They give you a plan, but then you’re on your own to implement that plan. They’re not with you in person, they don’t observe and don’t tailor their guidance based on what they see.

Sleep training with a book or a plan is HARD. It may be the hardest thing you ever do.


Here’s what we know:

Following a plan in the middle of the night is impossible when you’re already sleep-deprived. Also, the plan

  • Won’t teach you to read your baby’s body language and make informed decisions
  • Is useless when you and your partner are arguing at 3:00 a.m.
  • Doesn’t help you make real-time decisions when the plan isn’t working
  • Ensures that sleep training will be harder for you and your baby

Many of our clients learned the hard way. They spent weeks or months following plans, then gave up after limited to no progress. They come to us feeling terrified that they’ll never sleep again.


What is a Sleep Trainer?

Expert sleep trainers (that’s us!) are with you live – in your home or virtually – helping you sleep train your baby in real time. It’s a more significant investment because we’re with you for up to 4 days, and our unlimited follow-up support ensures your success.

An experienced sleep trainer will help your baby master new sleep habits faster because they observe and help you shift your strategy in real time. Also, your baby may sleep 10-12 hours on the 2nd or 3rd night! (Not guaranteed — but highly likely!)

Our team of baby experts and sleep trainers help you learn to read your baby, understand their habits and needs, and when to respond or observe. Sleep training is a nuanced process and it’s also emotional for you. While helping your baby master sleep skills over 3-4 nights and days, we also teach you how to listen to your baby’s body language by showing you what we see and hear. We incorporate this into our sleep training strategy tailored for your baby.

Sleep trainers are with you to offer choices and recommendations in tense moments when you’re scared you’re doing it all wrong. We give you confidence to read your baby and make decisions after we leave.

Baby sleep trainers bring an outside, experienced perspective. We’ve seen it all! We’re well-rested, we’re not emotionally attached to your baby so we can observe facts, we see things you can’t see, and we collect data. We help you make split-second decisions, which makes sleep training so much easier for you and your baby.

Our clients tell us again and again that hiring us was “the best money we’ve ever spent,” “life-changing,” and they “could have never done it without you.”

The idea of inviting a stranger into your home for 3-4 days may not be initially appealing, and it is a bigger investment, but it can literally be the difference between weeks or months of crying and struggling, or sleeping through the night in 3-4 days. It could also mean a child in your bed for 12 years! If you prefer more privacy, we work virtually through screens and smart baby monitors like Nanit and Miku.

All of our sleep training packages include four weeks unlimited guidance from a Mommywise Coach and real-time support in your home or virtually. Virtual services are available nationwide. Both in-home and virtual services include 48-72 hours of real time support starting with bedtime, and offer the same results. The main difference is that we’re not physically with you when we’re working virtually, we’re just a couple of screens away!


If you want an honest assessment about what’s best for you,
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  1. I have a 4 week old baby and he struggles to go down for naps and when he finally closes his eyes, he will only sleep for 20 mins and startle himself awake. He doesnt seem relaxed. At night time he struggles to sleep as well but once he does sleep, he will fall asleep for 2-3 hours at a time. What should I do?

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