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  •   Mommywise saved us!!! When Courtney came to stay with us, our baby was 5 months old and waking every 2-3 hours overnight. I hadn't slept more than 2 consecutive hours or in the same bed as my husband since she was born. I had absolutely no idea what to do because every night was different. We were slaves to the pacifier and overnight feeds, and I was too afraid not to feed her overnight and let her be hungry. I also have little tolerance for crying and felt unable to let her cry on my own, without being sure that she was okay or whether I was doing something wrong.
    Enter Courtney. Having Courtney there to closely monitor our baby and reassure us that she was okay the first night gave me all the confidence I needed to sleep train her. My husband and I enjoyed a date night the first night Courtney was with us. On night two (and ever since), our baby slept through the night.
    Courtney is an absolute baby expert and baby whisperer. Beyond sleep training, she noticed that when our baby woke at night, she was desperately trying to roll over. To help keep that from distracting her at night, Courtney spent time during the day helping her learn to roll over. She used toys as lures and taught her how to roll over! Once our baby mastered rolling, it was less of a distraction to her at night and she fell back asleep faster on her own. This is something I never would have picked up on myself, and definitely something you can't read in a book. It was this level of personalization that made me feel the money spent was truly a worthwhile investment.
    We live in a Brooklyn apartment and I was a bit wary of having someone staying with us for 3 days. But Courtney was an absolute PLEASURE to have around. By the third day I was sad for her to leave.
    My sleepless nights feel like another lifetime; looking back, can't even believe I ever lived like that. Courtney left us with a good idea about what to expect in the coming months, as well as tips on how to handle sleep on upcoming vacations and in hotel rooms. Thank you, Courtney and Mommywise, for helping to transform our experience of parenthood and giving us our lives back!!

    thumb Catherine B.
  •   My experience with Mommywise has been very good.

    In July, my son wouldn't sleep through the night and would wake up every two hours. Through Sara's efforts and support my son now sleeps through the night and is able to put himself to sleep. This all happened very quickly...in the span of a weekend!

    Sara was knowledgeable, supportive, and helpful. She has since made herself available for advice and support since and has always been quick to respond with helpful tips and tricks.

    I would definitely recommend Mommywise (and Sara specifically). Its amazing how precious a full nights sleep is!!!

    thumb Harry B.
  •   Devon saved us from insomnia-induced insanity. We had gone 15 months without a full night's sleep. I did research and saw several options for sleep trainers. After a few phone calls my wife and I landed on Mommywise based on our call with Devon. She was supportive and understanding but also realistic, honest and spoke practically about what to expect. The process was great. Our son responded immediately and slept through the first night she stayed with us. Though the first night was rough for us, he slept like a champ. He has ever since. He's even slept through teething, colds and travel that had him sleeping in strange places in the weeks that followed. He doesn't love sleeping. He'd always rather play but even with that he doesn't fight naps or bedtime and most importantly he sleeps through them without issue. I can't recommend this program enough. Thanks.

    thumb Robert V.
  •   This was the best thing I've done for myself and my family! Within 3 days Erika was able to help me bring peace and take away the daily and nightly chaos that was happening in my house for 7 months straight! My older son was an easy baby so I have never had any issues with his sleep routine. But with my daughter it was a totally different story. She would only fall asleep in my arms and would only sleep for 15 minute increments both in the day and at night. She was fussy and had a very hard time on car trips. By the time Erika left, my daughter was sleeping 11-12 hours at night and was beginning to nap 2-3 hours in the daytime in her crib. She became a lot less fussy and loves car rides! The fact that she is getting enough sleep has made her a happy baby in her waking time! We are all sleeping at night and are able to relax and to get so much done during the day that we sometimes still cannot believe this is true! Thank you Erika! I would recommend you to anyone who has babies or kids with sleep issues! You have brought peace and happiness back into our home!

    thumb Suzanna R.
  •   Erika is an absolute wonder!

    Our baby had been sleeping through the night starting from about 10 weeks.....until she was almost 6 months old. All of sudden, she began waking up 2-3 times a night, every night. Initially my husband and I were very apprehensive about sleep training, but we were at a complete loss and after about two weeks we turned to Mommywise.  

    Erika was amazing- she made us feel comfortable immediately, and gave us guidance and support as we taught our daughter how to put herself to sleep and how to stay asleep. By the end of the weekend, our daughter was going down by herself not only at night but also for naps. Erika created a schedule for us tailored not only to our baby's needs but also one that was compatible to our busy lives. Since then, she has always been available for advice and support whenever we had any hiccup.

    I can't recommend Erika and Mommywise enough!

    thumb Janice S.
  •   Mommywise was simply money well spent. My son (15 weeks at the time) was a terrible sleeper - up every 1-2 hours, wanting to eat all night and therefore not wanting to eat in the day. I was afraid to let him cry because i thought he needed to eat. However, Courtney helped us the minute she walked in. Our little guy cried for a short period one night and he magically started sleeping through the night (and eating normally throughout the day). It was a miracle. It took some time for him to sleep completely peacefully through the night (he'd fuss for a few minutes here and there) but it was at least an 85% improvement after the 2 days Courtney was with us. And during the weeks after Courtney was available for support and questions as things came up. Thanking my lucky stars for Courtney and Mommywise.

    thumb Jessica W.
  •   After 7 months of nobody in our family sleeping longer than an hour or two, we were at the end of our rope - zombies at work, too worn out to engage with our son, and poor health all around. Enter Mommywise and Sara. SO WORTH IT! Our son is now able to put himself to sleep & its a game changer. We are all much healthier and happier now. Sara is very knowledgeable and available, and has since talked us through illnesses, moves, vacations, and growth spurts. She even gave me great advice on breastfeeding. She provided exactly the support our family needed. I hesitated on getting a consultant but now I think it was the best parenting decision we've made yet!

    thumb Soniya S.
  •   If you're looking at the reviews for Mommywise, you're probably feeling pretty desperate right now, and you've probably noticed that essentially every review uses the phrase "lifesaver." I'm here to second that, I cannot endorse Mommywise and Natalie enough. She was literally a lifesaver for us.

    My short review, for you sleep deprived parents: yes, YES, just pay the money and use their services, you will absolutely not regret it.

    My longer review: after a series of disruptive things in our lives, our five-month-old son was in a terrible place with sleep. He woke 5-6 times every night and would only go to sleep--at each of those night wakings AND for his daytime naps--if I was nursing him. I kept telling myself that it was a regression and that things would return to normal soon naturally and they did not! This was the norm for about a month before I reached my desperation breaking point. I had no life anymore and was cosleeping with our son in his bedroom in order to get any amount of sleep that I could. My husband and I hadn't shared a bed in weeks. I missed my spouse, I missed my sleep, and I missed a moment where my son wasn't attached to me.

    We had an individual sleep plan put together for us by a different service and it gave us a plan of action that would've taken a full month to implement. Hell to the no, I would not have survived another 30 days without decent sleep. My husband found Mommywise and Natalie immediately came to our rescue. We kept asking ourselves if we were making the right call, because the service was expensive and we felt highly doubtful that our son would be able to change so quickly. Now that we're on the other end of it, I'm so happy that we invested in good sleep for all of us and wish I could go back in time to tell myself to do it sooner. Natalie was the most incredibly calming presence and it couldn't have felt less weird to have her in our home for two days. She lovingly took care of our son and she lovingly took care of us, which is everything a sleep deprived parent needs. I think there are probably people out there who can sleep train their baby on their own, but we were not those people--we were too positive we'd do something to permanently screw him up, and too sleep deprived to make it through any amount of tears. Natalie helped us get through it with minimal tears for everyone. Our son now sleeps 11-12 hours a night.

    I also felt like everything I read about sleep training gave me differing advice and my mind was going to explode. It was an immense relief to have an expert to direct my questions to, and I feel like I finally understand what my son needs and what his different cries mean. The week after Natalie stayed with us, our son started to cut teeth and sleep got pretty wonky, but Natalie patiently answered all of our questions. The moment his teeth cut through, he went back to sleeping through the night all on his own. And I don't have to nurse my son to sleep anymore, hallelujah!!! Thank you, Natalie, for giving our family our lives back.

    thumb Eliza S.
  •   My son was not a terrible sleeper, but after 4 months I sensed we were sliding into some bad patterns.  I had heard all the horror stories from my friends and did not want to end up in a crisis situation...I was just on the edge.  Calling Mommywise was one of the best decisions I have made as a new parent!  Having a baby that sleeps through the night is a miracle for me, my husband and for my ability to go to work in the morning.  

    Natalie came and was just a wonderfully comforting presence in the house.  I was so nervous when she left...convinced this miracle would fall apart.  But it didn't!  And I feel so much more confident about understanding what my baby is telling me.  Thank you thank you!!!

    thumb Catherine L.
  •   Courtney was our life saver!  She came in and in one night (and I realize this is probably not the norm) she had our baby girl sleeping though the night.  The key was that she clued us into her sleep cues and explained what we thought were cries was actually her way of self soothing.  Courtney also helped us set up a great nap schedule to ensure that our baby now sleeps through the night. We haven't had to go into her room once and we even traveled with her during the holidays.  I'm sure we will have to deal with teething and other milestones along the way that can cause disruptions but at least we are now equipped to handle things.  If you have the means, it's a worthwhile investment!

    thumb Nicole W.

Love Letters From Our Clients

“How do I briefly summarize the miracle that occurred, thanks to Devon and her sleep magic? I can’t begin to describe what it felt like to go from the pit of sleep deprivation, to a baby who sleeps soundly every night. Despite our hours of brainstorming, theories, and attempts, we could not figure out what would help him get the sleep we all desperately needed. We limped through the days and dreaded the nights. My husband and I were running on empty. Enter Devon and her sleep coaching. Two words: life altering. You forget what it is like to have a full, restful night of sleep especially when you fear you never will experience it again. Then with Devon’s advice and encouragement, it happens so fast. You wake up realizing that your fantasy came true: your baby slept through the night! She explained things in such a way that I felt excited about, and confident in, my decision to help my baby learn to love sleep. Devon truly restored our sanity, and for that I will be forever grateful!” —S. Jankowski

“Meredith is the BEST!! We were at our wits end and totally desperate when we reached out – our 6-month old was waking every 1-2 hours, and would only nap in his stroller or in our arms. We dreaded bedtime because it was a disaster with hours of crying. We tried sleep training with books and even hired a sleep consultant who gave us a “plan,” which just didn’t work. Meredith helped us figure out what would work for OUR son, and now he sleeps 11-12 hours every night, takes 3 naps in his crib, and we are all so much happier. We couldn’t have gotten here without Sara’s calm and confident guidance, and we can’t thank her enough!!” —Lisa K.

“Erika gave us the confidence and clarity of thinking that we were lacking from being completely run down, exhausted and overwhelmed. She made us realize that we weren’t failing as parents, but simply needed strong support to make consistent decisions and work as a team to get our baby’s sleep on track. Honestly, Erika has given us a gift for the years to come. My husband and I have gone on multiple date nights and are getting along a million times better. The heavy cloud of exhaustion that used to hang over us has lifted. Words really can’t describe how thankful my husband and I are!” —Mark & Jocelyn L.

“We called Mommywise early in our daughter’s life—around 9 weeks—and I’m so glad we did as we’d likely still (over 5 months later) be putting her down late, having no adult time, and not sleeping for more than 3-hour stretches. We worked with Courtney, who we loved and was a perfect fit for our family. She worked so flexibly around our needs and let us know what she thought might work best without leaving us feeling compelled to do anything we weren’t fully comfortable with. If you know you want to sleep train but you’re afraid or struggling, call Mommywise. Their approach works quickly and easily, Courtney made it feel seamless, and the fast results way exceeded our expectations!” —B.D., T.L. and J.L.

“Best investment ever! KayLee provides MUCH more than sleep training help – we found her to be a wealth of information and huge source of confidence for the whole family! Working with KayLee was easy and we were extremely pleased with how fast we saw results. By the 2nd night, our 4-month old baby was sleeping through the night, which was seriously mind blowing! We highly recommend Mommywise and KayLee for any home that is not operating as it should due to lack of sleep.” —Marni T.

“Natalie was the only one to ask us how WE–my husband and I–were feeling throughout all of this, how it was affecting us. All the others just seemed to have a specific “method” they were shilling. We love that about Natalie, it’s not just the mechanics of sleep that she solves, but she works on any baggage we bring to the whole idea of “baby sleep” and clears it away so sleep can happen–for everybody! Natalie didn’t ask us to change our parenting style…and throughout the whole process, she made sure that we were emotionally and mentally prepared for the next steps before we took them. I AM certain I would not have been able to survive any sort of sleep training without Natalie. Looking back, I want to kick myself for not calling her sooner!” —M. Dodin

“I was truly skeptical that anyone would be able to help me get my 8-month old son to sleep through the night, but Devon was a life-changer. She was extremely supportive and walked me through the entire process. By the second night he was like a changed baby. I couldn’t believe it! My little boy has been sleeping through the night each and every night since Devon came into our home. My only regret is not contacting her sooner. I truly can’t thank her enough. Not only did this experience give me back my evenings, it really impacted my son’s demeanor. Before this, he was cranky and clingy most of the day. Once he started napping and sleeping through the nights, everything changed. I now have a little boy who is so much happier and easy going. Thank you, Devon!” —Tracey N

“Thanks to Erika, our 10-month old twins are finally sleeping through the night, and napping in their cribs!! In a matter of days, we were able to relax, and catch up on sleep ourselves. As a mother of twins herself, Erika helped us feel more in control, and create a schedule that worked for us. That was an unexpected bonus! Now have more energy as parents, and our babies are finally well rested. We could NOT have done this without Erika’s support. She helped us move out of our darkest days, and truly can’t imagine how we survived before. Thank you Erika!” —Emma K.

“I purchased so many books and joined so many forums about how to sleep train our baby with different methods, and literally, NOTHING worked. Courtney is an experienced expert who helps parents and babies who are suffering from lack of sleep, transform their lives and regain sanity. It is honestly the best investment we have EVER made. I can never be bothered to write reviews, but I really felt like I needed to talk about our experience with Courtney and Mommywise in order to tell other parents who are going through the same nightmare as we were that THERE IS a solution to your baby’s sleeping habits, and that Mommywise IS the one to call for help.” —Cinthia S.K.

“Now that we’ve completed our program, we feel AWESOME!! We now are a real happy family. Being a parent, understanding our daughter, interpreting her signs, realizing what she wants, and being able to give it to her is just an amazing feeling! If you have doubts about making such a big investment, that’s normal, but don’t let that stop you. Mommywise is worth every penny! Especially as a first-time parent, you don’t really know what you’re doing. Let someone help you, let Mommywise help you.” —Amanda & Marc

“Before Devon stayed with us, our 6-month old twins were waking several times a night and needed to be patted to sleep for every bedtime and nap. I didn’t believe that things could be resolved as quickly as they did, but they were significantly improved even after the first night! And now they’re happily sleeping through the night and napping in their cribs. We couldn’t have done it without Devon’s guidance and support, and are so thrilled to be sleeping again!” —Anonymous

“Sara was amazing. We went from waking up every 1-2 hours at night to sleeping through the night in 3 days. She really took the time to get to know our family and our situation, and tailored her approach so it would work for us. Most importantly, she was both highly attuned to my anxieties AND incredibly calm about the whole thing. I felt reassured by her expertise and calm energy while also not feeling foolish because of all my anxiety. I can’t thank Sara enough for her help and support. She gave us our life back. My only regret is not reaching out sooner!” —J. & F. Levine

“Life felt pretty unstructured before we reached out, and, although our lives revolved around our kids, it was hard to feel like a family. I knew we needed to make dramatic changes, but I didn’t know how to get there on my own. And then came Natalie. Now our kids share a room; their parents share a bed; everyone sleeps through the night; our days have schedules. We can enjoy family time, because we know we can expect it, and we’re all better rested. Natalie’s Mommywise philosophy is practical, comforting, realistic, and irreverent. Everyone needs a Natalie in her life–someone to remind you that guilt serves no purpose, and you can be a better parent by enrolling help.” —Faith S.

“The difference in our lives in just two days was absolutely remarkable. The results have really exceeded my expectations. I feel so much more confident now in my ability to manage our daily lives, which isn’t something I necessarily predicted; that is, while I certainly hoped this would address the sleep problems we were having, I didn’t even fully appreciate how uneasy I had become, not knowing what any given day was going to look like. It’s in Meredith’s nature not only to facilitate resolving the sleep issues, but also to help instill a confidence in your ability to continue to help your baby sleep. We are all so much happier!” —Catherine S.

“Meeting Devon was like meeting an angel! I had many doubts in myself about being a new mom. She really helped me believe in myself and give me the confidence I needed to get through the biggest change in my life. My husband and I both feel more confident and self-assured in our parenting. Parker sleeps 12 hours through the night, and is overall a happy, healthy baby with happy healthy parents, much thanks to Devon!” —J. Holzworth

“It was great working with Erika because, unlike all the books and websites, she really gets to know your baby and your family, and provides exactly the right advice and individualized attention we needed. I couldn’t believe how quickly things changed. Now, I actually feel relaxed, well-rested, coherent, and I have the energy to really enjoy being a mom. My husband and I have our evenings together again, and he is so happy to have his wife back. I feel confident that we’ve done the right thing for our family, and that we can stay on track so we never go back to how stressful life was before. It was so helpful to have Erika’s support, and we couldn’t have done this without her.” —Allison F.

“No amount of reading or talking to family and friends could have prepared us for bringing home our twin girls from the hospital. We knew it would be “tough” but one had severe colic, both had trouble eating, and we were trying to handle learning how to parent to 2 difficult babies, on zero sleep. We were flailing, and then we found Devon. Devon warmly, calmly, and confidently coached us through what was undoubtedly the hardest time of our life. She taught us how to teach the girls to sleep, how to get them on a feeding schedule, and truly was the one person who got us through. She is extremely wise, very experienced, and truly an angel for any new parent. Now, the girls are 7 months, sleep through the night, and are an absolute joy during the day.” —Megan & Chris D.

Erika is a life saver! She came to us when my daughter was 6.5 months old, and stayed with us for 72 hours. By the second night, our baby was sleeping through the night (12 hours) with minimal crying. This was a miracle!! Erika was kind, understanding and very loving toward our family. When she saw that we were busy, she would play with our 4-year-old son. She went beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend Erika!! And it’s just amazing that our baby is sleeping through the night; she is so happy when she wakes up. Thank you, Erika and Mommywise! — Heather G.

“When we first spoke with Erika, my husband and I were very desperate. Although we were mostly skeptical of sleep training, we knew that the every-hour-and-a-half feedings at night could no longer be sustained; sleep deprivation was taking a toll on our entire family. We worked with Erika who is not only very effective in helping families get the sleep they need, but she is a humble, compassionate mom of twins who understands the dilemma of needing to think of the entire family, not just one child. I highly recommend Erika and Mommywise. Thank you for everything!” —J. Doran

“Before working with KayLee our little one would only fall asleep nursing, and it would take multiple attempts to transfer him to the crib, where he would sleep for only 20-25 minutes at a time. Now we can put him down awake, and know that he will fall asleep on his own, which is a HUGE life improvement! We have so much less anxiety because he is napping better and longer, it allows us to have a schedule, and all of the sleep (both day and night) makes him so much happier! It had really gotten to an unreasonable place prior to this, and my husband and I were getting quite hopeless about it. After working with KayLee, things have completely turned around.” —S. Staszak

“Life was out of control and unpredictable before we met Sara. Our baby now sleeps 11-12 hours a night in his crib and takes scheduled naps every day. Bedtime is no longer scary. He is much more rested and the routine is comforting to him as well. We all sleep through the night, and are happier during the day. Sara is sensitive to everybody’s needs at all times. She empowered us to help our baby develop healthy sleeping skills, and her confidence and support made the process so much less scary. We are so grateful to have worked with Sara, and thrilled be sleeping through the night!” —Leslie & Dave O.

“Before working with Meredith, I was frustrated, confused, didn’t trust my own gut on how to help my son sleep, and not enjoying being a mom. I felt like I was losing my mind. Now, it’s like a totally different world. Now, he knows how to fall asleep on his own, and even reaches for his crib when he’s tired! Meredith helped us through a trip to Asia, and gave me the confidence to know that I can handle it, no matter how many time zones we cross. Mommywise CAN help you do what feels impossible. With Meredith’s support, I knew I could get through the whole process, and make it to the other side without giving up. Months later, we’re still sleeping!” —Marjorie S

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