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Stuck at home with a baby who isn’t sleeping, without childcare during this global pandemic and shelter-in-place orders? Let us help you.

These are extraordinary times we’re living in. The duality and polarity of our lives have been thrown into sharp relief by this virus: we are at awash in pain and joy, death and life, isolation and togetherness, loss and opportunity…all at the same time. It can feel damn-near impossible to find your bearings. There’s one thing I’ve learned, through this pandemic and through my own parenting journey, that keeps coming up for me: You have to put on your own oxygen mask first.

So, let’s start with words every parent wants to hear, what I dream my partner would ask me every day: How can we help? Really, we are here to help. I want to help. Our whole team wants. to. help. you. This is the gift we can share during this difficult time. This is how we are making the world feel a little bit better.

We can love you up, get your baby sleeping, get you sleeping, help you feel better—imagine a brain and body full of power to exercise, get sh*t done, have sex…the list goes on. And right now, we’re guessing you have a little more time on your hands: you’re stuck at home anyway, you’re losing your MIND, you and your baby are cranky AF because you’re allllll tired. Your immune system, your mental health, your relationship—they’re all suffering. There will never be a more perfect (or essential) time to figure this out and feel sane again.


Why Now?

Right now, just like everybody else, we’re doing things differently. We’re trying something new—to serve more people, to help more babies and parents—by working virtually, at discounted rates. We can work with anyone, anywhere as long as they have a Nanit or Nest video camera. You can expect the same top-shelf service, same results, guided by the best of the best.

Because I know you’re in hell. Being stuck at home with a baby who isn’t sleeping, without childcare during a global pandemic and shelter-in-place orders, while your boss expects you to work anyway…you must be losing your mind! If you have a baby AND a toddler? I’m just saying—you’re a superhuman for surviving another day.


Here’s how our virtual sleep training support works:

We still come to your home and “stay with you” for 3-4 days while we help you teach new sleep skills—we just do it safely through screens! (This will be a combo of Nanit/Nest plus FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, phone, text—whichever methods you prefer.) We still work with you in real time to help you get to know your baby, tailor our sleep training strategy just for your babe, tweak it as we go, and leave you with tailored-for-your-baby guidelines based on what we have learned first-hand about your child, all the way through the transition to a full-sized bed. We still include 4 weeks of follow-up support to ensure you’re all set, and have a great sleeper for life.


Why Mommywise?

Years ago, I overheard a friend say, “Hey mom, you look a little stressed. How can I help?”

How can I help? Such a simple phrase, right? As a new parent, I LONGED for someone to say these words to me. Like an echo on repeat, it rolled around in my head for years until Mommywise was born as a volunteer service to help new families in crisis.

We exist to help you.
We exist to help you and your family thrive.
We exist to help you FEEL better.

I know this all too well: if your baby is awake all night and you’re taking turns just to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep, you are legit losing your mind. You’re not imagining it. You actually are. I’ve been there, it’s not pretty.

You cannot survive on a few hours of sleep and function during the day. Studies show that chronic sleep deficit is like being legally drunk. It’s also an an extremely effective international torture method. Know why? Because it breaks you. You begin to fall apart. Like, for real.


It’s not just about you.

Your baby is exhausted, too. That extra clingy crankiness when you try to leave the room? That’s not separation anxiety. You haven’t left home in weeks – your baby is T I R E D.

Something has to change.

You’ve read books, bought online sleep training guides, maybe you’ve even hired a sleep consultant who gave you a plan that you’ve spent weeks trying to follow. Yet, here you are, reading this.

If you’re feeling desperate, scared that nothing will ever work, you’re in good company. Every one of our clients felt this way before working with us. They tried e v e r y t h i n g—everything except working 1:1 with an expert who’s been doing this for years, One and Done style.


Sleep training babies is what we do.

Sleep training is ALL that we do. Plumbers fix plumbing. We fix family sleep issues. We save marriages and careers. According to our clients, we’re lifechangers!

The choice is yours. You can struggle with books and online programs for weeks, months—or YEARS. Or, you can hire the best-of-the-best and let us hold you. Let us mom you. Let us help you understand your baby’s voice, body language, and the difference between her tired and overstimulated voice; her “habits,” and genuine needs.

Let us help you learn the best way to teach YOUR baby to sleep well, based on what we see in real time is working best for her.

Let us help you help your baby so she doesn’t get confused because you’re changing up your strategy every night.

Let us help set you up so that you cannot fail. (Newsflash: We won’t let you fail.)


Let us help. You don’t have to do this alone.

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