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Sleep Training a 5-Month Old

sleep training a 5-month old

I helped a family sleep train their 5-month-old baby over the past weekend.

I do this all the time, but I’m sharing this with you today to give you hope. Your baby CAN sleep, and so can you. Even if you feel like you’ve tried all the things.

The mom of this family had read all the sleep training books, and tried all the things. She even hired a sleep consultant who gave her a plan, which (shocker!) didn’t work. The baby was exhausted, and dependent on mom’s boobs to sleep, night and day. He was awake nursing sometimes every hour at night, and couldn’t sleep more than 30 minutes during the day. Mom was losing her mind, and dad was duly concerned about both of them.


The Results of Sleep Training a 5-Month Old

In 3 days, this is what I witnessed:

  • The baby slept over 12 hours on the 2nd and 3rd nights
  • Baby night weaned, and took all his feeds during the day
  • Mom had her first glass of wine since pre-pregnancy
  • Parents slept in the same room for 1st time in months
  • They had PILLOW MARKS on their faces when I woke them at 7am today!

This baby was exhausted and has been cranky for weeks. He woke up crying from every sleep on the first day of sleep training. Today, he is giggly and all smiles; he woke up cooing.

Because mom was nursing 24/7, there was no time to pump, and the baby wouldn’t take formula. Today she has a few bottles of milk stored, she’s out for lunch with a friend. Also, Dad can finally feed his own baby, and anyone can put him down.

As I left this afternoon, I asked how they felt.

Mom said, “I no longer feel like ‘just a mommy’. I feel like a woman, who is also a mom.”




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