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This segment follows Mommywise Founder, Natalie Nevares, in real time supporting a family through sleep training, and helping a desperately sleep deprived mom and baby sleep through the night after 11 months of struggling with sleep.


The Wall Street Journal interviews a Mommywise client who found us “after many sleep-deprived nights spent trying to soothe or sing her 5-month-old daughter Thira to sleep.   She and her husband, Adam, had read several books on infant sleep, but ‘they all preached something different,’ she says. Whatever soothing technique Ms. Langer tried, Thira kept waking up several times a night.”

After two days with a Mommywise Sleep Coach, Thira learned to sleep independently. “‘Five months later, Thira is still sleeping through the night.’ Ms. Langer says some of her friends are jealous. They think I’m lying, she says.”


ABC’s Good Morning America interviews Mommywise founder Natalie Nevares about sleep schedules, and discusses a family whose children go to sleep whenever they want – between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m..

“Nevares told GMA, ‘the lack of bedtime may work for this particular family because of their specific circumstance — their children practice “unschooling,” which means they are not tied to a regular school schedule. But it’s not recommended for families who are living within the confines of schedules in other aspects of their lives. All humans, and especially children, need regular sleep,’ she said. ‘Children are always going to fight boundaries and transitions. It’s up to adults to be the leaders. For younger kids, an early bedtime is critical. They’re up by 7 a.m. no matter what,’ she said, ‘and they need 11-12 hours a night.'”


“Mommywise Founder Natalie Nevares is a sought-after sleep coach in Manhattan who found her calling after being treated herself for depression and anxiety when she was a new mother. Today, she works in her clients’ homes offering day-and-night, hands-on-help for up to 72 hours.

Author Greta Lambert (not her real name) is a former Nevares client. Lambert, who lives in a two-bedroom apartment, was suffering from the effects of chronic sleep deprivation and contacted Nevares with the ‘dream’ of getting her baby and toddler to sleep in the same room, sleep through the night and nap at the same time. She and her husband also wanted to reclaim the sacred space of their bedroom. Lambert said her wishes ‘felt like science fiction.’ Lambert’s ruling after 72 hours of coaching? ‘It felt like I had died and gone to heaven,’ she said.”


“We live in a world where mothers are racing between work and family, overthinking and overdoing everything, compulsively reading forums about what they should and shouldn’t do to perfectly parent their kids. In the fertility clinic waiting room, before there are even eight cells or a fetus. I am one of these women. I fell into that trap, and now, I help other women crawl out of it.”


“Natalie, who is amazingly calm and empathetic, identified our problem within seconds. Her advice was as practical as it was encouraging. She even told me, “I give you permission to do whatever works for you.” Hearing this from a friendly stranger made me realize how much guilt I’d been harboring over my children’s sleep (or lack thereof.) I kept worrying that I needed to sleep train my baby in order to avoid future problems. I felt like I was doing something wrong. Natalie helped me to let go of all that in a few minutes.”

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