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Our Expert Baby Sleep Specialists

Meet the Mommywise Dream Team, the women who will make all of your dreams come true.
The most experienced, caring, professional sleep trainers you’ll find, Mommywise Coaches started their careers as newborn care specialists and postpartum doulas with a passion to help families find sustainable sleep solutions. Together, we work as a team to get you and your family sleeping through the night, and enjoying your predictable days. Though we’re based in NYC, Mommywise Coaches live all over the U.S, and will come to your rescue wherever you are!
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Natalie Nevares

Owner & Founder

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Devon Clement

CEO & Master Coach

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Janel Mladenovic

COO & General Manager

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Mommywise Coach

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Mommywise Coach


Mommywise Coach

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Mommywise Coach

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Mommywise Coach

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