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Your Dream Team

Meet the Mommywise Dream Team, the women who will make all of your dreams come true.
The most experienced, caring, professional sleep trainers you’ll find, Mommywise Coaches started their careers as newborn care specialists and postpartum doulas with a passion to help families find sustainable sleep solutions. Together, we work as a team to get you and your family sleeping through the night, and enjoying your predictable days. Though we’re based in NYC, Mommywise Coaches live all over the U.S, and will come to your rescue wherever you are!

Natalie Nevares, Owner & Founder

Hi, I’m Natalie, Mommywise Founder, Brooklyn mom of two awesome well-rested teenagers! I started Mommywise as a blog in 2004 to help other new parents who felt as dark and lonely as I did as a new parent to connect, normalize their fears about not-loving parenthood, encourage them to turn off all the noise from inlaws and the media and empower them to make their own decisions without guilt or fear. After treatment for postpartum mood disorders, Mommywise became a volunteer service to help new parents in crisis. After one family asked me to stay with them through sleep training (my firstborn was sleep trained by 8 weeks!), and I saw first-hand what a difference it made for the whole family, it was clear what I was meant to do. As Mommywise Founder, my mission is to help families grow and thrive, provide sustainable income for women and mothers, raise awareness about postpartum mood disorders, and make treatment more accessible. As a mentor and parent, my mission is to role-model a strong woman, parent, and leader who endeavors to leave a legacy of positive change through service and humility.

Devon Clement, CEO & Master Coach

Devon has over 20 years of experience loving on babies and supporting new parents. One of the nation’s leading baby sleep experts, Devon helps parents get to know their babies, learn how to care for them, and understand their needs. But what parents value most about Devon is the emotional support she brings. She will listen to you in a way that just makes you feel better. She’ll cheer you on, help you build your confidence as a parent, and, guaranteed—she’ll make you laugh! She knows that a good night’s sleep is the most valuable gift she can give parents, and she loves the look on their faces when they come out of their bedroom after their baby has slept 11-12 hours for the first time!

Janel Mladenovic, COO & General Manager

Janel is our secret weapon—the key ingredient that holds us together and makes the Mommywise ship run seamlessly. Janel is a rare blend of fearless technical genius, operational wizard, problem solver, and streamliner of systems. She hails from her home office in Belgrade, where she manages her own business exclusively supporting women-owned businesses while enjoying a flexible schedule and a great quality of life. Though Janel is mostly behind the scenes making sure that all of our systems are working, she’s also here to ensure that our clients have a seamless experience working with us!

Erika, Mommywise Coach

Erika knows what it feels like to be completely overwhelmed and exhausted as a new parent. Her twin daughters didn’t sleep for most of their first 2 years. Her entire family suffered through that experience. She researched endlessly to find a sleep training method that worked for her girls, but nothing worked until she hired expert, live-in support. The stress of her early parenting years inspired her decision to train as a postpartum doula and baby sleep trainer. Her compassionate support before, during, and after sleep training is invaluable to her clients, who describe her as a “lifesaver,” “sleep angel,” and “best parenting support ever!”

Lauren, Mommywise Coach

Lauren is a Tennessee native and brings with her the warmth and welcoming spirit of Southern hospitality. She’s a nurturer by nature, with 18 years experience in all things infant care, from health management, postpartum care specialist, and baby sleep trainer. By far, Lauren’s favorite role is as a Mommywise Coach because she’s able to take all of her experience to empower parents and help them and their babies get the rest they need. Her experience with infants and knowledge of sleep science shines through in her care and support, and clients adore having her invaluable kind and loving support through challenging transitions!

Jessica, Mommywise Coach

Through her 20 years of supporting families, Jessica has seen it all. As a nanny, postpartum doula, newborn care specialist, lactation counselor, and Mommywise Sleep Trainer, she has brought countless new families peace of mind and restful sleep. She also brings a sense of pragmatism mixed with a sense of humor. Her clients adore having her by their side through every stage of parenting for her warmth, caring, expertise, and friendship. Spending time with Jessica is like eating warm chocolate chip cookies; her presence makes sleep training feel easy and fun! Together, you will navigate the road from where you are to where you want to be—and you will love having Jessica’s thoughtful, expert guidance throughout your journey to sleeping through the night!

KayLee, Mommywise Coach

KayLee’s passion for supporting new parents was obvious at a young age. She has 20 years of experience as a certified postpartum doula, newborn care specialist, Sleep trainer, and is the mother of three. After Mommywise helped her sleep train her own daughter, KayLee’s drive to help more families thrive and feel well-rested inspired her to join the Mommywise Team. She knows that a good night’s sleep makes all the difference for both children and their parents. With expertise in twins (and even triplets!), KayLee is a master multi-tasker who loves to travel and has provided her services both domestically and internationally. She’s always up for a challenge and loves bringing back peaceful nights and joyful days to families worldwide.

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