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Our Philosophy

A lot of you know us as baby sleep experts because of our work guiding parents and babies through sleep training. You know about our miracle work helping parents overcome sleep training challenges and getting them sleeping through the night faster than they ever could have imagined. You may have read about us in the Wall Street Journal, seen our Founder Natalie Nevares featured on CBS’s This Morning Sunday, or just found us in a 3am Google search.

You might not know though that Mommywise wasn’t created to help babies sleep. Nope, Mommywise was created to help you feel better;

Ready for a happy, rested family?

Here's what we know

If you are rested, healthy, have time and energy to play with your partner and kids, it would have a huge ripple effect around the world. This is one of the reasons Mommywise exists. We want you to be happy. We want you to take good care of yourself, and your relationships. We want you to stretch and dream about what you truly want for yourself and your family so that you can be the person, parent, partner, and friend you really want to be! A better world starts with you. If you’re healthy, feel confident as parents; if you and your partner have evenings free to be with each other and you have more FUN, it will have a huge impact on your kids. And, you can all bring that out into the world. Your careers will benefit. Your family will be healthier. Your child will grow up feeling safe, inspired to be their best self, and send that ripple effect out in the world. So GO, dream, live, laugh, play, and have FUN with this life. It’s not a dress rehearsal!

Who we are

Mommywise is a small, women-owned business powered entirely by women, mothers, and caregivers who are also primary “breadwinners”. All of us at Mommywise are passionate about sharing our wisdom, empowering parents with tools and confidence, and get immense satisfaction watching our clients come back to life during in-home sleep training!

What we stand for

We believe that parents shouldn’t have to choose between career and family. Our fees reflect our commitment to providing women, mothers and caregivers with sustainable income so they may be present for their own families and enjoy sustainable work in service to others. Mommywise offers sliding scale services to low-income families and donates a portion of our fees to supporting non-profit organizations including St. Jude Hospital, Housing Works, UNICEF, Food Bank of NYC, Medecins Sans Frontieres, MADRE, the BRC, ACLU, and the Red Cross.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which parental depletion is a thing of the past, children everywhere are rested and healthy, and parents have time and energy to maximize their personal and professional lives.

Our Mission

With our work, we help to give children happy, healthy parents; and give parents happy, healthy kids. We empower parents to trust their instincts, understand the difference between their kids’ habits and needs, and find freedom, confidence and connection through sleep training.

Our Core Values

In its essence, our Team’s core values specific to our work boil down to this:

1. Always Be Curious

We never go into a family’s home with a preconceived idea. With curiosity, we get to know each family and always learn something new.

2. Respond vs React

One can apply this to all aspects of life, but we will help you learn how to respond mindfully to your baby versus reacting out of habit or fear.

3. Lead vs Instruct

We won’t tell you what to do unless you ask. Instead, we help you make aligned decisions based on what we see your baby is trying to tell you.

4. Empower and Educate

You will feel confident after sleep training with us because we give you the tools and knowledge to make aligned decisions about when and how to respond to your baby’s needs.

5. Exhude Empathy

Most of us have been as tired as you are so we know how it feels. We create space for big emotions through sleep training, and an empathetic ear if you simply want to vent!

6. Trust the Baby

Our secret sauce: We teach parents to observe their baby’s body language, and trust that they know how to read it.

7. All Families are Welcome

We serve all families regardless of race, gender expression, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, or religion. Same-sex families are safe here!

8. Nothing is a Tattoo

With sleep training, the fear of making the wrong decision at any moment is huge. We’ll invite you to try something new to see how it works for your child. We’ll make the next decisions based on what we learn!

9. Exceed Expectations

We expect you to be BLOWN AWAY by our special magic. Most clients say that working with us was LIFE-CHANGING. That’s what we want for you!

Mommywise is proudly featured in...

Mommywise is proudly featured in...

Ready for a happy, rested family?