Mommywise Sleep Training Methods

With our In-Home Sleep Training support, you and your baby will sleep through the night faster than you can imagine.

Our method works, for your baby.

Books and sleep consultants can’t tailor sleep training for your baby, in real time. We do.

Remote sleep consultants aren’t with you at 3am when “the plan” isn’t working, and you don’t know what to do. We are. One of our Pediatric Sleep Trainers will stay in your home 24/7 for 3-4 days. She will customize a strategy for your baby’s age, personality, developmental skills, and what hasn’t worked for you in the past. She will ensure that all your baby’s needs are met, nurture YOU through the process, and get your baby sleeping independently by the time she leaves. Four weeks of unlimited support afterwards ensures your success, and that you have the tools to overcome any obstacle.

Our In-Home Sleep Training Programs are based on a simple, unique, and customizable 3-step process, which include 5 key elements.

The 3-Step Mommywise Method

1. We get to know you and your baby

Before we meet, you will fill out a comprehensive questionnaire to help us get clear on your needs and goals, so that we can jump right into our in-person work. Next, one of our Pediatric Sleep Trainers will come to your home, get to know you and your baby, and create a tailored sleep training plan based on your baby’s age, developmental stage, the geography of your home, and more.

sleep training method
sleep training method

2. In-Home Sleep Training Support

Your Pediatric Sleep Trainer will stay in your home 24/7 for 3-4 days during the whole sleep training process, and tweak the plan as needed based on your baby’s habits and genuine needs, and our real-time observations. We will invite you to sleep, ensure that all of your baby’s needs are met, and guide you every step of the way, so you and your baby won’t get confused, and we can ensure your success.

3. Extended Support

Your baby will be sleep trained by the time we leave, but it won’t be perfect. A lot will happen over the next 4-weeks. Your baby’s naps will extend, and the schedule may change. Your baby might get sick, get some teeth, or go through a huge developmental leap that leads to setbacks. We include 4-weeks of unlimited support to get you all into an ideal schedule, overcome any obstacles, and ensure you have all the tools to overcome any setback in the future, so that you never need us again.

sleep training method

See how this can work for you.

The 5 Key Elements of the Mommywise Method

Although your sleep training plan will be tailored for your baby, here are the 5 elements we’ll cover in your In-Home Sleep Training Program.
  1. Manage Your Energy

If you’re trying to sleep train your baby independently with a book or over-the-phone support, you are going to feel scared, confused, and insecure that what you’re doing is going to work. So, when you put your baby down to sleep, you might pass your anxiety onto your baby. When we’re with you through the whole sleep training process, we help you manage your energy, so that you pass on confidence and encouragement to your baby.

  1. Change Sleep Associations

How your baby falls asleep is both the crux of the problem–and the solution. Your baby is probably comfortable feeding or being rocked to sleep, but this is not helping your baby to learn how to sleep independently. While we’re with you in your home, we will guide you how to change up your sleep routines and your baby’s sleep associations, so that your baby learns to sleep independently, night and day, in the fastest, easiest way possible for your baby.

  1. Minimize Tears

We know you don’t want your baby to cry. But here’s the thing – If you want to empower your baby to learn to sleep independently without excessive crying, there is no way to do this without allowing your baby to express his or her objection to change. While there will be crying, together we’ll co-create a plan that will minimize the tears, make sleep training smooth and seamless for your baby, and lead you to sustainable success.

  1. Understand “Reacting vs. Responding”

Until your baby learns to sleep through the night, you won’t know whether or not your baby is crying due to a habit or a genuine need. Right now you’re probably reacting to your baby out of fear because you don’t know if she is hungry, wet, or frustrated because she can’t fall back to sleep. However, once your baby is sleeping through the night, you will know if there is a genuine need that requires a response! By the end of your Sleep Training Program, you will feel empowered and fully prepared for what to expect through the toddler years, including how to adjust nap schedules as your baby grows, and how to manage developmental changes along the way.

  1. Overcome Setbacks

Even though your baby will be sleep trained when your Sleep Trainer stays with you, we include 4-weeks of unlimited support afterwards, to help you overcome any setbacks that may arise and to feel confident for years to come. Your baby may get sick, go through a developmental leap, or get some new teeth. All of these things will may cause a minor sleep regression and can feel like failure, but they’re normal bumps in the road. We will guide you through travel, illness, teething – anything that comes up – so that you know how to get back on track and feel 100% confident that you can do it on your own in the future.

BONUS = Thrive!

We will encourage you to thrive by setting additional goals for yourself—beyond sleep—which will help you to feel more connected, energetic, and happier as a whole family. You may want to reconnect with your partner, feel less anxious, and gain more confidence as a parent. You might wish to go on regular dates, schedule some family travel, and/or create a sustainable fitness practice. ANYTHING is possible once you’ve recovered from sleep deprivation!

Let us help you sleep.