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Natalie Nevares, Owner & Founder

Natalie Mommywise Founder

Natalie Nevares

Owner & Founder

Hi, I’m Natalie, Mommywise Founder, Brooklyn mom of two awesome well-rested teenagers! I started Mommywise as a blog in 2004 to help other new parents who felt as dark and lonely as I did as a new parent to connect, normalize their fears about not-loving parenthood, encourage them to turn off all the noise from inlaws and the media and empower them to make their own decisions without guilt or fear. After treatment for postpartum mood disorders, Mommywise became a volunteer service to help new parents in crisis. After one family asked me to stay with them through sleep training (my firstborn was sleep trained by 8 weeks!), and I saw first-hand what a difference it made for the whole family, it was clear what I was meant to do. As Mommywise Founder, my mission is to help families grow and thrive, provide sustainable income for women and mothers, raise awareness about postpartum mood disorders, and make treatment more accessible. As a mentor and parent, my mission is to role-model a strong woman, parent, and leader who endeavors to leave a legacy of positive change through service and humility.

Mommywise is the BEST you will find out there for sleep, and Natalie is one of the kindest, most caring, and compassionate people I’ve ever worked with! Not only does she understand babies but she understands moms. Natalie helped me feed seen and heard as a new mom looking for guidance and answers. She helped with my son Cooper’s difficulties napping and even helped me navigate his sleep and reflux, which proves to be a tough combination. She was always available for questions and never made me feel like any question was too small. I recommend Natalie and Mommywise wholeheartedly!

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