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Moms on Right vs. Wrong Sleep Parenting

sleep parenting

If you’re a parent, you probably have strong opinions about how babies and/or toddlers should sleep. You may even feel hostile about what other parents do to get their babies to sleep, if you think it’s wrong. I wish I had shot this myself because it shows how judgmental and downright nasty some moms can be about sleep. My strong opinion is that all of this is bulls#it, and there is no “right” or “wrong” way for families to sleep. As long as you and your kids are sleeping, there’s no problem. But if your family is chronically sleep-deprived, maybe you can consider this: Can you give yourself permission to unlearn everything you’ve heard or read about sleep, and focus on what you really want? Not what you or anyone else thinks you should or shouldn’t do, but what YOU truly want for your family. Can you turn off all the voices in your head, and allow yourself to change something that isn’t working, even if you think it might be “wrong”? Whatever you believe, try to keep your opinions about what other families do to yourself, and focus on what’s right for your family. You will have more friends, and can feel smug that you’ve chosen the higher road!


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