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Missy, Mommywise Coach


Mommywise Coach

Missy’s passion for sleep started following the birth of her daughter. Exhausted and overwhelmed by the information she was presented with she dove deep into educating herself and trialing first hand what she felt was best for her daughter. She quickly grew passionate about helping families gain control, feel empowered and thrive during the early stages of motherhood. When she would tell others that her 3-month old baby consistently slept 7pm-7am people would often respond, “Yeah-wait until the next one!” Well with her son, who has a totally different personality then her daughter she was able to achieve the same success. Missy began helping friends and family who confided in her that their babies were not good sleepers. From their success to her own, it really ignited a passion around newborn sleep. With a background as a speech pathologist, specializing in NICU feeding, becoming a sleep trainer for Mommywise felt right and exciting!

We had a wonderful experience with Mommywise. We hired them with skepticism as it seemed too good to be true but they delivered (and more!). The team here is professional, responsive and (more importantly) highly capable. To give some context on our experience. We took our 11 mo baby to Asia for the holidays, which resulted in a highly irregular sleep routine. When she got back, she could no longer sleep by herself or continuously for long blocks. We hired Mommywise to help us course correct. 3 days later our daughter was sleeping through the night, and healthier than ever. We would give them a 10/10.

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