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Melissa, Mommywise Coach

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Mommywise Coach

Melissa has been helping families thrive for over 18 years. With a background in early childhood development, combined with years of supporting families professionally as a nanny, postpartum doula, and sleep trainer, Melissa brings a unique perspective to sleep training. She will not only guide you through how to help your child thrive by learning how to sleep independently through the night consistently, but also help you understand why the recommended approach makes sense for the developmental needs of your child. You will get the results you want, while gaining a deeper understanding of why this approach addresses your child’s needs. As the mother of a child with disabilities, Melissa understands what it’s like to navigate challenges in parenthood and feel the isolation and confusion modern parents are confronted with in the information era. She will walk alongside you throughout the sleep training process, helping you to trust your intuition as a parent while you gain the confidence to implement the necessary changes, and making certain you feel heard, seen, and understood.

We had a life changing experience with the Mommywise team. When I initially spoke with Natalie about sleep training our 3 month old, I was nervous it was "too early" developmentally but she reassured me that good habits can never be implemented too soon. At 12 weeks, Melissa came to stay with us for 3 nights, 4 days. Melissa is one of the most kind, informed, patient, and calm professionals I have worked with. She not only sleep trained Cora but sleep trained us as parents. She explained things every step of the way, made sure we were all comfortable and offered constant reassurance.

The in-home support is key. While there are plenty of sleep training methodologies to follow independently, having Melissa here with us was really what we needed.

Our baby sleeps through the night, but more importantly, takes quality naps. She has the ability to put herself TO sleep and BACK to sleep if she wakes up between sleep cycles. It is truly astounding. Melissa gave us the confidence as parents to make the journey with our baby.

Cannot say enough good things about the team, the process, Melissa herself. I would recommend Mommywise and co. to anyone who asked. It has monumentally changed the dynamic in our home and given me the ability as a mother to enjoy my child instead of worrying, fighting, and feeling hopeless about bedtime and naps. Thank you Melissa and Natalie for all of your help!

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