Maternity and Postpartum Fashion

Maternity and Postpartum Fashion

maternityMaternity fashion has come a long way, but it’s got a long way to go. Thanks to the onslaught of freakishly fashionable & fit celebrity moms in the media, we have even more reason to hate everything in our closets while we head into our third trimesters. And then there’s the postpartum dilemma. Nothing fits. Our boobs and bellies are are too big. For anything. BellaBands should help, but they don’t really hold our pants up. Glamourmom nursing tanks are essential for fashion-conscious, breastfeeding moms, but there has to be more. And there needs to be a sexier name for the clothes we wear during and after pregnancy without sounding like porn, or having anything to do with “maternity” or “postpartum”.

So I would like to post a challenge for any of you latent Mompreneur fashionistas out there. Can you please re-brand and design better postpartum fashion that glorifies the new mom body, and helps us feel sexy again? Please! 

Hi, I'm Natalie, founder of Mommywise. I'm a Brooklyn mom of two (now) teenagers, PPD survivor, still humbled by the early years of parenting. I started this blog in 2004 as a way to help other parents who felt as dark and lonely as I felt to feel less shame, normalize the feelings of not loving parenthood, and raise awareness about postpartum mood disorders. I'm passionately committed to helping new parents feel more joy, offering sustainable employment for women and mothers, and contributing to positive change in the world.

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