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Lauren, Mommywise Coach

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Mommywise Coach

Lauren is a Tennessee native and brings with her the warmth and welcoming spirit of Southern hospitality. She’s a nurturer by nature, with 18 years experience in all things infant care, from health management, postpartum care specialist, and baby sleep trainer. By far, Lauren’s favorite role is as a Mommywise Coach because she’s able to take all of her experience to empower parents and help them and their babies get the rest they need. Her experience with infants and knowledge of sleep science shines through in her care and support, and clients adore having her invaluable kind and loving support through challenging transitions!

Contacting Mommywise was hands down one of the best decisions I could have made for my family and baby. We had the Snoo but around 4 months, my daughter stopped sleeping through the night and my husband and I didn’t get more than 3 hours of sleep at a time. We tried everything - online courses, asking friends, bedtime routine etc and nothing helped. After one particularly rough night where she woke every hour I had a breakdown and knew we couldn’t go on like this. I started googling and found Natalie at Mommywise and after reading all of the glowing reviews, I was positive we had found a solution.

I texted Natalie and she immediately responded and listened to what was going on. She moved mountains to get Lauren to us within a week. Lauren drove herself from Cleveland to get to us in New York! This is the level of dedication and professionalism you will find from Mommywise!

Lauren arrived and was an absolute pleasure to have in our home. Within 3 days our daughter was sleeping through the night and we were confident in managing her new sleep schedule. Lauren helped us seamlessly transition our baby from the snoo in our room to sleeping in a crib in her own room which was huge! And left us feeling so empowered on how to help our daughter get better sleep. The month of follow up ensures you are not left alone.

Yes it is a huge investment, but honestly it’s one of the best we have ever made. Everyone in our house is sleeping and our daughter sleeps 13 hours straight now and my husband and I have our lives back. If you’re reading these reviews, trust me I know how you are feeling - exhausted, hopeless, frustrated. You are not alone and Mommywise can help you. Thank you Natalie and Lauren! We are so grateful for your help and thrilled with the results!

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