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KayLee, Mommywise Coach

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Mommywise Coach

KayLee’s passion for supporting new parents was obvious at a young age. She has 20 years of experience as a certified postpartum doula, newborn care specialist, Sleep trainer, and is the mother of three. After Mommywise helped her sleep train her own daughter, KayLee’s drive to help more families thrive and feel well-rested inspired her to join the Mommywise Team. She knows that a good night’s sleep makes all the difference for both children and their parents. With expertise in twins (and even triplets!), KayLee is a master multi-tasker who loves to travel and has provided her services both domestically and internationally. She’s always up for a challenge and loves bringing back peaceful nights and joyful days to families worldwide.

I was super apprehensive about going through sleep training--I was terrified that my relationship with my baby and his emotional health would be damaged. Now we are on the other side, and I'm so happy we did it. My baby is now getting more total hours of sleep (which is good for his development), and we are on a fairly regular schedule of 3 naps a day of predictable length, and 12 hours of sleep per night. Our sleep trainer was KayLee, she was an absolute delight to have in our home. I highly recommend Mommywise.

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