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Janel Mladenovic, COO & General Manager

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Janel Mladenovic

COO & General Manager

Janel is our secret weapon—the key ingredient that holds us together and makes the Mommywise ship run seamlessly. Janel is a rare blend of fearless technical genius, operational wizard, problem solver, and streamliner of systems. She hails from her home office in Belgrade, where she manages her own business exclusively supporting women-owned businesses while enjoying a flexible schedule and a great quality of life. Though Janel is mostly behind the scenes making sure that all of our systems are working, she’s also here to ensure that our clients have a seamless experience working with us!

Mommywise was a life saver for us. Within 48 hours our little guy was sleeping through the night vs. waking up 4-5x per night. It was incredible! Not only are we all now sleeping, but they also gave us the tools to keep a regular sleeping plan during adjustment periods (travel, sickness / teething, etc). If you and your baby aren't sleeping I would highly recommend.

We're More Than Sleep Trainers for Babies

We’re not just sleep trainers for babies!

We go above and beyond to exceed expectations, help you feel rested and confident, and thrive as a whole family!

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