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Is Sleep Training Covered by Insurance, FSA or HSA?

in-home sleep training, FSA, HSA

Although our in-home sleep training packages aren’t covered by insurance, they are often covered by FSA and HSA. Several of our clients have already used their FSA or HSA benefits to pay for our help with sleep training!

What you need to know:

1. Call your FSA or HSA administrator before you purchase a sleep training service; you may need pre-approval. Ask what paperwork is required.

2. You may need a “letter of medical necessity” from your pediatrician. Just call your pediatrician’s office, and the front desk staff will help you coordinate.

3. Because sleep training programs like ours are relatively new (I personally pioneered it in 2009), the eligibility category for sleep trainers and baby sleep consultants is still a little unclear. One of our clients was told that sleep training was covered under the “newborn care” category; another said they were eligible under the “Health Institute Fee”.

4. With FSA, you may have to pre-pay for your sleep training program, and submit a receipt for reimbursement. So just ask us for a receipt, and submit it to your FSA administrator.

5. If you have an HSA debit card, you can simply use your HSA debit card to pay for sleep training services.

If you have any questions about coverage and how we can help you sleep train your baby faster than you can imagine, reach out to us right here!

Xx Natalie Nevares,
Mommywise Founder


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