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Sleep Training FAQs

If you’re ready to sleep train your baby, you have a lot of questions. And our sleep specialists have the answers!

Wherever you are, we’ve got you covered. We’re based in NYC, but our work is global. We will travel to your home in person for 3-4 days to support you through every moment of sleep training your baby.

Sort of!  Mommywise doesn’t just sleep train babies, rather we support and guide parents through the process of understanding, responding and implementing sleep training processes that work for their family.  We leave families with the tools and confidence that last a lifetime.

Sleep training is often easiest for babies before teething and big developmental leaps begin. That’s why Tribeca Pediatrics founder and author of A to Z of Baby & Child Care for the Modern Parent, Michel Cohen, MD recommends night weaning and sleep training starting at 8 weeks. Now, that’s just bananas for most parents, and doesn’t take health, digestive issues, feeding problems or baby’s weight into consideration. After 10+ years of helping families sleep train their babies, I now know that there isn’t one answer that works for all families – deciding when to sleep train your baby is a personal choice based on all the collective advice you’ve received. Read What is the Best Age to Sleep Train on the Mommywise blog if you want help calculating the best time for your family to sleep train your baby! (We can help you sleep train anytime between 10 weeks and 20 months)

If you ask 10 pediatricians, you may get 10 different answers. Tribeca Pediatrics (the largest practice in NYC) strongly recommends sleep training and night weaning between 8-12 weeks. Other pediatricians are vague, or recommend sleep training between 3-5 months. Our opinion? Your baby is ready for sleep training when all caregivers are aligned; when YOU are ready to reduce to one night feed and for your baby to sleep in his or her own room.

The Mommywise Method was developed by Founder Natalie Nevares, over the course of her many years helping parents to sleep train their babies in their homes. Our sleep training specialists focus on your baby, and integrate lots of common sense with emotional and logistical support. Your baby is unique. There is no cookie-cutter sleep training “solution” that’s going to work for all babies. Books don’t know your baby, or help you make decisions in the middle of the night. They don’t help you understand if your baby is crying because she needs something, or if she’s just waking out of habit. If we work together, one of us will be with you, in your home or virtually, holding your hands before, during and after your baby is sleep trained, so you’re not freaking out or worried that you’re doing something wrong. That is why we get to know your particular situation. We consider your baby’s age, developmental stage, personality, and even the architecture of your home. Will there be crying? Yes, because babies use their voices to object to change. However, our #1 goal is to make sleep training as easy as possible. If your baby needs something, we will attend to her needs. If her voice and behavior shows us that she is just fussing because she’s tired and trying to fall asleep, we will coach you to give her more space. We’re training both of you.

We know you don’t want your baby to cry. No parent does. But here’s the thing: If you want your baby to learn to sleep independently, there is no way to help your child master these skills without some tears in the beginning. Your baby will object to change, and your baby will cry. Not all night for hours like you might imagine. But crying is a natural and normal thing that babies do. It’s their only language. Babies cry when they’re frustrated or tired or hungry, and it’s our job to help understand what our babies are saying with their different voices! So, we will not make your baby stop crying—we will allow them to speak, then find their hands, then roll around and get comfortable, then gaze at the corner, then….Zzzzzz.

Now, you may have read about “no cry” or “gentle” sleep training methods, but our sleep training experts know that these methods lead to a lot MORE crying.

Our goal is to make the sleep training process as easy as possible for your baby, and help her learn to sleep independently with as few tears as possible. Our approach works quickly and easily, and with our ongoing support afterwards, it’s sustainable. For more info, read Is CIO the Best Method on the Mommywise blog by founder Natalie Nevares.

Honestly? No. We’ve read all of the sleep training books, and unfortunately, they all contradict one another. We hear from our clients that following books has led them to far too much crying, and repeated failure. Why? Because it’s impossible to be consistent if you’ve got so much contradictory noise in your head, and if you’re already sleep deprived, how can you follow a book in the middle of the night? What do you do when the “plan” doesn’t work for your baby? When you change up your strategy every night, your baby gets confused, cries harder and longer, and you probably give up at 3am. Feel free to read all the sleep training books, but we’re fairly certain that you and your baby will be more confused than when you started!

We help families sleep train babies starting as early as 10 weeks old. The majority of the babies we work with are between 3-10 months old, but we work with babies up to 18 months old.

Nearly all our clients have “tried everything,” from following sleep training books to working with remote baby sleep consultants by phone and email. While this approach may work for some families, we know from personal experience that often the “plan” doesn’t work in the middle of the night, and it’s very challenging if we’re not observing your baby in real time. Our sleep training solution is more reliable. We stay with you, in your home or virtually, so that our sleep coaches can tweak our strategy based on minute-by-minute observations.

We will ask you lots of questions to be sure that we’re a good fit, and will only take you on as a client if we’re 100% confident we can help you. We’ll tell you straight if we have any doubts. Click here to schedule your Complimentary Sleep Training Assessment.

Absolutely! We do this all the time and it’s really fun to see how much can change in 3-4 days.

Yes! We have several twins’ sleep experts on our team, and can get them sleeping through the night and napping in the same room really quickly.

Yes! We will set you up for travel-proof sleep training success. We’ll start by integrating our sleep training solutions when you’re all at home. Then, we’ll make sure you have all the tools you need to keep your baby sleeping healthily on the go. If you’re traveling during the month you’re working with us, we will guide you before, during and after your travels, so your baby will be a great sleeper, regardless of where she or he sleeps!

You bet. Many of the families we work with have two homes, and travel on weekends and holidays. If everyone is on board, our initial sleep training service can help your baby seamlessly transition from one home to another.

If your baby is healthy and we’re with you through the whole process, your baby will likely be sleep trained within a few days. Will it be perfect after 3 days? No. Even though our sleep training solutions generally work very fast, we include 4 weeks of unlimited support to ensure that you overcome any obstacles, and achieve sustainable success for years to come.

At four months, newborns grow into more wakeful babies. It’s developmental. Most become more alert and aware of their surroundings. Nearly every family who contacts us says that their baby was sleeping really well between 8-12 weeks (sometimes in 6-8 hours stretches), but then it all fell apart between 12-16 weeks. If a baby hasn’t learned to self-soothe by 4 months, they will become harder to put down; night wakings will increase, and naps will shorten. This is the 4-month “sleep regression,” which is developmentally normal for a baby who hasn’t learned to sleep independently. But here’s the thing—babies who experience our sleep training solutions don’t experience a 4-month sleep regression! If we sleep train your baby before 16 weeks, they’ll sleep right through it (though they will develop normal increases in awareness).

Yes! Baby Sleep Training Programs are often 100% reimbursable with FSAs and/or HSAs. Contact your administrator to confirm what paperwork is required for reimbursement.

The value is how you will feel during the process. That an expert in your home will guide you through each difficult moment, assure you your baby is OK and support you emotionally while you catch up on sleep is invaluable. We help you read your baby’s cues, tailoring our approach for your baby based on what we observe. The main benefit of in-home support is that we can invite you to sleep and wake you up if needed.

The investment in our services is premium, but the value is priceless.  We offer several sleep training packages to suit your needs.

If you’re ready to get started, click here and we’ll be in touch with next steps.

To former clients we already know, yes—no charge for a quick question a month or a year later; otherwise, no. We know from years of first-hand experience that a one-off phone call isn’t often very helpful. Advice without followup support isn’t going to help you resolve months of unhealthy sleep habits.

Unfortunately, no. However, if you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Accounts (HSA), then our Sleep Training Programs are often 100% reimbursable. Contact your administrator to confirm.

Payment is due in full before we confirm your Sleep Training Program. Payments may be made by ACH transfer, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Accounts (HSA), then our Sleep Training Programs are often 100% reimbursable. Contact your administrator to confirm. Services are non-transferrable, and no refunds are offered for unused services.

It will work. We will not let you fail. Our baby sleep experts interview you very carefully to ensure we can help. If we have any doubts, we’ll tell you straight. We’re very proud and protective of our flawless 5 star reviews, and will move mountains to ensure you have the best experience working with us. Can we guarantee that your baby will sleep 12 hours from 7pm-7am every night, or that you won’t ever have to attend to your baby in the night again? Nope, unfortunately babies are human. They get sick, they get teeth, and there are infinite opportunities for setbacks. But here’s the thing – we will set you up with all the baby sleep therapy tools you need to overcome any setback. We won’t say goodbye until you feel 100% confident that you’re all set, your baby is a Master Sleeper, and that you don’t need us anymore. Bottom line, you can’t “fail” with a Mommywise sleep coach on your team.

Yes! We speak with every potential client before we agree to work together and won’t offer to work with you unless we’re 100% confident we can help you sleep quickly and easily. We cannot help you sleep train your baby if: one parent disagrees about sleep training or hiring a professional; one or both parents prefer to co-sleep; your parents or in-laws are caretakers and don’t approve of sleep training; if you aren’t ready to sleep in a separate sleeping environment from your baby, or if you have a toddler who is under 2.5 years old who has already jumped out of their crib (note we work with toddlers in big kid beds, ideally closer to 3 years old).

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