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Expecting what, exactly?

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Anyone reading this is probably “expecting”, an “expectant” mom, aka pregnant. She has probably read What to Expect When You’re Expecting, perhaps even has some of the chapters memorized. This term, “expecting” has always puzzled me. What does it mean? Expecting what? Of course a baby, but that’s only a small piece of what’s going on. We all know that when we become mothers there’s going to be a BIG CHANGE, and many well-meaning people offer truckloads of unsolicited advice (and horrifying childbirth stories–why do women do that?).

But the single most important piece of wisdom I can offer to first-time expectant moms, is to expect the unexpected. Be prepared to be surprised, and accept the fact that many things about your childbirth and/or life with your new baby will probably not be as you expected. Embrace the fact that there will be things beyond your control, and enjoy the surprises along the way!


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