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Erika, Mommywise Coach

Erika, Mommywise Sleep Coach


Mommywise Coach

Erika knows what it feels like to be completely overwhelmed and exhausted as a new parent. Her twin daughters didn’t sleep for most of their first 2 years. Her entire family suffered through that experience. She researched endlessly to find a sleep training method that worked for her girls, but nothing worked until she hired expert, live-in support. The stress of her early parenting years inspired her decision to train as a postpartum doula and baby sleep trainer. Her compassionate support before, during, and after sleep training is invaluable to her clients, who describe her as a “lifesaver,” “sleep angel,” and “best parenting support ever!”

I reached out to Natalie after a particularly rough night with my then 5 month old daughter. Since birth, she had never slept through the night and I had been getting up 3-4 times a night to feed and rock/soothe. I was a literal zombie and I knew I needed to do something to start to get my life back. After trying many recommended books and blogs, we saw Mommywise on a google search and reached out. Natalie wrote to us immediately and her words gave us such comfort. We loved the idea of in home support and an approach that was adaptable to the baby - not just another one size fits all sleep training digital sleep training course/book.

Erika joined us just a few weeks later in our home. Erika has such a calming presence and is incredibly easy going - she fit right in and made us feel very comfortable and confident that we had made the right choice. I loved Erika's approach - she was so decisive but also adaptive when needed. My daughter slept through the night the first night Erika was with us! It was a complete game changer especially given that Erika had arrived after a particularly poor nap and my daughter was incredibly over tired and fussy. Since Erika started with us, my daughter has never woken again in the middle of the night. She is a miracle worker and I cannot recommend her enough! She completely changed my life! After six months, I was finally able to sleep uninterrupted.

Erika also helped us transition from three to two naps and gave us tools for how to approach sleep overall - we still rely on the guidance she gave us and we are so much better at reading our daughter's cues. Our daughter is flourishing and she is such a happy, calm baby thanks to Mommywise.

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