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Embracing Change: The Only Solution

embracing change

You’re a new parent, and you’re trying to roll with all the constant changes. One day you think you have it all under control, the next you feel like you’ve totally lost it. You can barely get out of the house and shower daily, and the sleep deprivation is playing tricks on you. This is unfortunately one of the hardest parts of your journey, and an impossible problem to solve.

The only way to really cope with all the changes is to embrace it, and know that every time you get into a good groove, something else will change. If you’re emotionally prepared, it might feel a teensy bit easier, but not much. If you like predictability and routine (like me), you will spend much of your time trying to organize and control everything. That’s fine if it makes you feel better (it does for me), but one thing that will NOT change for the foreseeable future is that you no longer have control over most aspects of your daily life. You will try your best to be the Perfect Mom, to have everything in order so you feel more relaxed; you will have good days and bad days, and few of them will feel totally successful. The more you allow yourself to let go, accept that your new life is chaos, know there’s nothing you do to make it Perfect, the better you will feel. Embrace it, because basically, you have no other choice!



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