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Do you love your body?


If you’re a woman, you probably have strong feelings about your body. Love or hate it, you’re acutely aware of how you felt in your body before and after you had kids. Maybe you look in the mirror now and hate your boobs, or even mourn the loss of the body that you once loved. I get it. I used to love my body before I had kids. It was amazing. I looked great in a bikini, and felt super sexy in cowboy boots and jeans. At 45, after 2 kids, I’ve been through periods that I actually hate my body. I gained 50 pounds after my second kid, my perky little tits morphed into unwieldy 36DD’s, and I felt the antithesis of sexy for nearly 10 years.

I’ve spent years trying different diets and exercise routines, beating myself up for not being able to change the shape of my body. But here’s the thing I’ve learned. It takes more energy to hate your body than to love yourself. Because hate turns into shame and more ice cream and less exercise and more negative self-talk like, “Why bother…” so you give up. On the other hand, if you LOVE yourself and your body, that love will turn into actions to change your habits and behaviors, and change the way you feel in your body, AND your whole life! If any of this resonates, then I want you to meet my wise and intuitive friend and colleague Melanie Elkin of Yoga’licious, a thought leader for women’s health and body love! She’s offering a revolutionary online 8-day journey, Choosing Yourself: Body Love Strategies for Freedom, Flow, and Fun, designed to support you in just that!

There comes a time in every woman’s life where if she truly wants to EMBODY self-love, freedom and flow she needs to learn how to choose herself first.  That has certainly been my experience, and exactly why this event is so vital for us women! Throughout your complimentary 8-day journey with her you’ll learn how to soften, slow down, move with the energy of appreciation on your yoga mat, and source your own inner strength through taking daily loving actions to nourish and connect with yourself and your body. This powerful and soul nourishing event starts April 28th – I hope you’ll join me! Click here to sign up and learn more details:

Cheers to you and your Perfectly Imperfect body!!




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