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Devon Clement, CEO & Master Coach

Devon, CEO and Master Coach

Devon Clement

CEO & Master Coach

Devon has over 20 years of experience loving on babies and supporting new parents. One of the nation’s leading baby sleep experts, Devon helps parents get to know their babies, learn how to care for them, and understand their needs. But what parents value most about Devon is the emotional support she brings. She will listen to you in a way that just makes you feel better. She’ll cheer you on, help you build your confidence as a parent, and, guaranteed—she’ll make you laugh! She knows that a good night’s sleep is the most valuable gift she can give parents, and she loves the look on their faces when they come out of their bedroom after their baby has slept 11-12 hours for the first time!

How do I briefly summarize the miracle that occurred, thanks to Devon and her sleep magic? I can’t begin to describe what it felt like to go from the pit of sleep deprivation, to a baby who sleeps soundly every night. Despite our hours of brainstorming, theories, and attempts, we could not figure out what would help him get the sleep we all desperately needed. We limped through the days and dreaded the nights. My husband and I were running on empty. Enter Devon and her sleep coaching. Two words: life altering. You forget what it is like to have a full, restful night of sleep especially when you fear you never will experience it again. Then with Devon’s advice and encouragement, it happens so fast. You wake up realizing that your fantasy came true: your baby slept through the night! She explained things in such a way that I felt excited about, and confident in, my decision to help my baby learn to love sleep. Devon truly restored our sanity, and for that I will be forever grateful!

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