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Dear Bread Winners & Stay at Home Parents:

stay at home parents

You both have jobs, but only one of you gets paid. There’s a common myth that the Bread Winner has a harder job, but it’s just not true.

I’ve been on both sides of this fence, and I guarantee that child free office work is a trillion times easier. I was shocked when my former boss tap-danced into the office on Mondays, openly giddy to be free of diapers and tantrums. I get it now. The harsh truth is that parenting is the hardest job you will ever have. I don’t care if you’re a banker or lawyer or candlestick maker, you Bread Winners get to leave, you get a break, you can pee whenever you want, your work has material value, and you don’t feel like a loser when you can’t manage a shower or finish folding massive mounds of laundry.

So the next time you wonder why your spouse is so stressed when you come home from your relaxing office job, think twice before you ask why. Instead, I dare you to swap jobs for a week and see how it feels to be needed 24/7, to have your work focused exclusively on naps, puke and poops. You will learn a lot, and your marriage will benefit, because you will finally understand what it feels like to walk in your partner’s shoes.



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  1. “To have your work focused exclusively on naps, puke and poops” this situation stays only for a limited-time, afterwards that, being a stay at home parent is alot more flexible and less demanding compared to a breadwinner parent who HAVE to keep working and managing finances and making sure everyone’s needs are met and whose work load doesn’t progressively easier like a stay at home parent’s. I’d gladly choose to be a stat at home parent knowing you do not have to manage finances and get to spend more time with your kids since when you’re old you’ll realise family is all what matters but stay at home parents won’t understand since they are busy proving they have it harder lol.

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