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Mommywise provides in-home sleep training as a corporate benefit to relieve parents’ sleep deficit and help businesses attract and retain top talent.

As the pioneer of in-home sleep training nationwide, Mommywise is proudly featured in…

Workplace wellbeing is a primary concern for most new parents and their employers.

Parents lose over 1,100 hours of sleep in their baby’s first year of life.

As employees, parents return to work at lower productivity levels.

Employers without unique, family wellness plans risk losing top talent.

Employers can help new parents return to work well-rested!

By offering the ultimate employee benefit program for new parents, you can retain top talent and maintain productivity levels while setting yourself apart as a family-friendly employer. Investing in a Baby Sleep Consultant provides multiple benefits for your employees, their babies, and your company!

The proof is in the zzz's...


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Why parents and employers choose our expertise and experience in baby sleep training:

We work in person

Parents work directly with a sleep training expert to choose their level of sleep training service and customize their plan to their family’s needs.

Personalized support

Four weeks of support begins with in-home guidance for the first few days and nights of sleep training. Every solution is tailored to baby’s age, personality, environment, and what we carefully observe in real-time.

100% success rate

Our methods and 100% tailored sleep training solutions work faster and easier than anything else you’ll find. Our collaborative approach gets babies sleeping through the night faster than any parent can imagine.

No matter where in the U.S. your employees are, we fly to them!

Our services work well for progressive, family-friendly employers in the following industries:




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Our enrollment process is simple.


Fill out the online form to tell us a bit about your company and schedule a call to discuss the details.


We'll coordinate with your team and help notify employees about this new, unique benefit.


Enjoy the benefits of having happy, rested employees when parents return to work!

Choose to offer benefits for any of our packages.

Our 100% personalized approach is expertly developed with each baby’s age, personality and needs in mind. Parents are equipped with tools and guidelines to help their baby maintain restful sleep through travel, illness, and teething.

Essential Package

Ideal for first-time parents, and babies with minimal self-soothing skills. Includes:

• Weekly scheduled calls
• Unlimited Q&A between calls
• 3 nights & days in-home support

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Signature Package

Same as the Essential, plus 24 hours of additional in-home support. Includes:

• Weekly scheduled calls
• Unlimited Q&A between calls
• 4 nights & days in-home support

Platinum Package

Offers maximum confidence, time to catch up on sleep and extend naps. Includes:

• Weekly scheduled calls
• Unlimited Q&A between calls
• 5 nights & days in-home support

Every package includes weekly scheduled calls, unlimited Q&A between calls and in-home support.

Contact us to learn more about our unique corporate benefits packages.

Mommywise sleep specialist team members

Expert Sleep Consultants

The nation’s most experienced in-home sleep training specialists, Mommywise sleep consultants are a goldmine of knowledge and cool as cucumbers while guiding parents through the stresses of sleep training. With humor, grace, empathy, and decades of collective experience, we can get you and your family sleeping through the night and enjoying your days within just a few nights. We are deeply passionate about helping families sleep and thrive, and we look forward to serving you!

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