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Corporate Benefits Program

The ultimate employee benefit program to attract and retain top talent includes benefits for new parents. Mommywise provides the most unique employee benefit program available.

4 Major Types of Employee Benefits

Every corporate benefit program has four main types of employee benefits: medical insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and retirement plans. But that’s not enough to stay competitive and retain top talent today. Employees of childbearing age want unique employee benefits for parents. Mommywise offers new parent benefits that will put you ahead of the competition, and set your organization apart.

Why You Need to Offer Unique Employee Benefits to Parents

To retain top talent, you know you need to offer more than the standard employee benefits. To stand out as a genuinely family-friendly company, you must offer benefits for new parents. New parent benefits like childcare and lactation consultants are fairly standard inclusions now. So how can you provide something truly unique?

Include Baby Sleep Training in Your Corporate Benefit Program

Studies show that chronic sleep deprivation impacts memory, performance, and mental and physical health. Conversely, well-rested employees are happier, healthier, and perform at their best. Our unique employee benefit program is like none other because it benefits your Team as much as it benefits your organization and your bottom line. Parents and babies need sleep to function and thrive. Your Team needs sleep to thrive and excel at their careers.

We give new parents the gift of sleep and send your employees back to the office feeling confident and refreshed, at 100% capacity after parental leave.

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Why Add Sleep Training to Your Corporate Benefits Program?

Offering sleep training packages as part of your corporate benefits program sets you apart as a truly family-friendly company who cares about its employees. It will also help your organization attract and retain top talent during childbearing years. Restful, uninterrupted sleep is vital for your employees’ job performance. Although chronic sleep deprivation is common amongst parents of babies and young children, you can help them and their babies sleep soundly, and return to work refreshed every day. How will you and your employees benefit?

Want to Add Postpartum & Newborn Care?

Mommywise also offers newborn care packages through our sister company, Happy Family After, the premiere provider of postpartum and newborn care. Newborn Care will round out your employee benefits package by adding an additional benefit that your employees can really use during the postpartum period until 12 weeks. (By about 12 weeks, babies are ready for sleep training.)

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