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Chanice, Mommywise Coach

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Mommywise Coach

As an experienced Postpartum Doula and Mommywise Sleep coach, Chanice has a passion for working with parents, babies, and children. She brings a unique blend of care and compassion to her clients, as well as a great sense of humor! As a parent who experienced the benefits of sleep training, Chanice understands the challenges of getting a good night’s rest and offers compassionate support to help families find the solutions they need. Her strength as a baby sleep coach is founded in empathy. She was initially a skeptic of sleep training but immediately saw the value after discovering how it felt to be rested and how much relief they felt seeing her daughter well-rested, too. So Chanice understands where you are, and how to get to the other side! “Never problems, only solutions” is Chanice’s motto, and her clients rave about her calming presence and confidence-boosting support. When she’s not helping little ones sleep, Chanice is a modern-day adventurer with a positive spirit that makes her a joy to be around!

Now that we’ve completed our program, we feel AWESOME!! We now are a real happy family. Being a parent, understanding our daughter, interpreting her signs, realizing what she wants, and being able to give it to her is just an amazing feeling! If you have doubts about making such a big investment, that’s normal, but don’t let that stop you. Mommywise is worth every penny! Especially as a first-time parent, you don’t really know what you’re doing. Let someone help you, let Mommywise help you.

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