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Sleep Training Sleepwear: Do’s & Don’ts for Safety and Success

Here’s what we know from over 10 years of observing babies through sleep training – with our own eyes! What your baby wears for sleep Continue Reading

Sleep Training Safety: Top 3 Crib Hazards (and how to prevent them)

Did you know that safe sleep practices change as your baby grows? And, that some of the most popular sleepwear products–ironically designed to help your Continue Reading

Our Top Tips for Safe Sleep

You’ve probably heard a lot about safe sleep, but how vigilant should you be? Where is OK for your baby to sleep? Which products are Continue Reading

Why Sleep Training Fails

Most parents have already tried sleep training by the time they reach out to us. Many have read all the books and blogs, purchased every Continue Reading

What is the best age to sleep train?

Everyone gives you a different opinion, and you’re confused about what is the best age. If you want more of an in-depth answer to help Continue Reading

Sleep Training When You Need It Most

Stuck at home with a baby who isn’t sleeping, without childcare during this global pandemic and shelter-in-place orders? Let us help you. These are extraordinary Continue Reading

Is CIO the Best Method?

About 4 months after her son was born, a friend reached out and asked, “Do you think CIO is the best sleep training method?” She Continue Reading

Is Sleep Training Covered by FSA or HSA?

Yes! It’s a recent a thing that most people don’t yet know, but in-home sleep training programs like ours are often covered by FSA and Continue Reading

Sleep Training a 5-Month Old

I helped a family sleep train their 5-month-old baby over the past weekend. I do this all the time, but I’m sharing this with you Continue Reading

The difference between a Sleep Consultant and a Sleep Trainer

Let me guess. You’re here because you were Googling “sleep trainer” or “sleep consultant” at 3am. You saw a list of baby sleep consultants, sleep Continue Reading

Fall back: Daylight savings & baby sleep training

I won’t lie, the end of Daylight Savings (DLS) for parents kind of sucks. Babies can’t read clocks, after all, and there is no snooze Continue Reading

Good Infant Sleep Habits Are Healthy All Around

Babies sleep a lot. We know this. We also know (or, most of us do, anyway), that our babies sleep a lot because they need Continue Reading

Spring Forward!

Daylight savings sucks in the fall, but in this direction, it’s easy-peasy. You’re just moving the clocks forward, but your baby’s internal clock may lag Continue Reading

Do you love your body?

If you’re a woman, you probably have strong feelings about your body. Love or hate it, you’re acutely aware of how you felt in your Continue Reading

It’s not about the baby

A lot of you know me as a baby sleep expert. But what you might not know is that I don’t do this work to Continue Reading

Sleep Training: What if She Cries?

(The following article originally appeared in New York Family on October 27, 2014.)  Natalie Nevares of Mommywise answers the common questions and worries that parents Continue Reading

True Story: What Happens When I Sleep With Families

I don’t talk about what I really do in my work, because I’m afraid I might sound smug. This year, I’m trying to try to Continue Reading

When to Sleep Train Your Baby

There are an infinite number of people who will tell you what you “should” and “shouldn’t” do to help your baby sleep, but ultimately, it’s Continue Reading

Don’t Wait Until You’re Drowning

If you’re a Type-A, perfectionist control-freak; in touch with your inner Jewish martyr mother (like me), or even if you’re a relaxed, laissez-faire, easy-going type Continue Reading

You’re Doing it All Wrong

OK so the subject sounds harsh, but I’d like to talk about this right vs. wrong and perfect mom business. Perfectionism is plaguing parenthood, and I Continue Reading

Family Travel Doesn’t Have to Suck

So the holidays are here, you’re traveling with your family, and you’re biting your nails, worrying about all the What If’s. What if the baby doesn’t sleep Continue Reading

If Mama Ain’t Happy . . . Your Family’s Temple Will Crumble

The old saying is true. Like it or not, you (mom) set the tone for your family. And your kids want you to be happy. Continue Reading

Perfect Mom: An Oxymoron

If you’re anything like me, you’ve planned motherhood to fit neatly into the space between a successful career, and nestling into a home with just Continue Reading

When Crisis Forces You to Change

If you you’re feeling tension with your partner, boss, feeling anxious, confused, or stuck in any pattern that you know you need to change, you Continue Reading

Don’t Let the Breastfeeding Police Scare You!

I suspect that everyone reading this already knows that breastfeeding is best for babies; that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breast milk exclusively for the Continue Reading

Top 5 Travel Tips for Families with Babies & Toddlers

As a committed international adventure traveler, I often get asked for tips for traveling with tots in tow. You asked – here they are! 1. Continue Reading

Getting to Sleep: Why Fear of Failure is Paralyzing You

Those of you who already know me, know that I’m totally transparent and humble about my own parenting struggles. And I’m just going to tell Continue Reading

True Story: My Toddler Told Me I Was Depressed

One day, shortly after my son was born, my 2 ½ year-old-daughter asked me to smile, and launched into a heartbreaking Vaudevillian song and dance Continue Reading

The Oxygen Mask & Motherhood: Self-Care Tips for Moms

Next week, I’ll be on a plane to Mexico, and all of this air travel has me thinking about this video.  Think of the Oxygen Continue Reading

Sleep Training Tips for Parents: How to Sleep More & Do Less

In this video, I share some of my tips for parents of babies and toddlers about sleep — and how to get more of it. Continue Reading

Escape Tips for Moms: How to Leave Your Kids!

I’m leaving my family to spend a week on the beach with a girlfriend. No kids, no interruptions, no cooking, care-taking, whining or guilt. You Continue Reading

Traveling With Babies & Toddlers: Top 3 Survival Tips!

Real question from a real mom: “Will it ever get easier traveling with a baby and a toddler?” Me: “Yes, in about 4 years.” I Continue Reading

Dear Bread Winners & Stay at Home Parents:

You both have jobs, but only one of you gets paid. There’s a common myth that the Bread Winner has a harder job, but it’s Continue Reading

Helping Your Baby Sleep – Can You Do Less?

You lovingly rocked and shushed and soothed your newborn, and have likely enjoyed many peaceful moments while she slept in your arms. You learned to Continue Reading

Embracing Change: The Only Solution

You’re a new parent, and you’re trying to roll with all the constant changes. One day you think you have it all under control, the Continue Reading

If You Need a Good Cry, Watch This…

I rarely watch video links, but when my favorite writer emails one to me, I open it. This TED Talk by bestselling author Sarah Kay knocked the wind out Continue Reading

What if You Hate Being a Mom?

Yesterday, I spoke with a new mom who’s having a rough time. She’s at home with her 7 month old, breastfeeding, doing all the childcare Continue Reading

Moms on Right vs. Wrong Sleep Parenting

If you’re a parent, you probably have strong opinions about how babies and/or toddlers should sleep. You may even feel hostile about what other parents Continue Reading

Should I Tell You the Truth? Read if You Dare…

Dear Mel, I wish someone had told me that motherhood isn’t always the most joyous, beautiful, glamorous event that the media portrays. I wish someone Continue Reading

Humility, Gratitude and Optimism for 2012

Moving into 2012, I’m taking the opportunity to reflect on 2011, celebrate accomplishments and failures, to learn and grow, reconnect with my husband, and move Continue Reading

Why Keeping Up With the Joneses in NYC is a Losing Game

Have you ever looked around your new moms group, and worried that all the other moms looked happier? Compared your sugary, store-bought birthday cake with Continue Reading

Why I Abandonded My Family

Maybe you’ve never felt this, or maybe you simply can’t admit it to yourself. But have you ever looked around your home—surrounded by diapers and Continue Reading

Your Kids Don’t Care About Your Stock Portfolio; They Want Happy Parents

I write and think a lot about work/family balance, and how difficult it is to find you’re groove. Whether you’re the primary caretaker, work at Continue Reading

If You Feel Like You’re Failing at Motherhood, You Are Not Alone

Seven years ago today, I became a mom. It was as humbling then as it is today. While I strive for a Utopian work-family balance, Continue Reading

Mommy-Guilt: Why is it Difficult to Tear Ourselves Away?

Dads don’t often understand mommy-guilt or why we feel it. They have no problem taking care of themselves, reading the Times, or leaving first thing Continue Reading

Moms: Have You Lost Friends Due to Your Parenting Choices?

It’s a fact: new moms judge other moms about their parenting choices. I’ve been there, I know. I’m ashamed to admit, I even lost friends Continue Reading

Should You Let Your Baby Cry it Out?

As a new parent, you will do anything to shush your baby’s tears. You feed and rock and bounce and pat and change your baby, Continue Reading

Zen and the Art of Work-Family-Self Balance

I want to live in a world where parents don’t have to choose between career or family or self; a world in which all parents Continue Reading

5 Mom Taboos Exposed + 5 Guilt-Liberation Tips!

Parenting is really, really hard. I’ve got 2 kids, 2 years apart, and I’m still humbled daily by the endlessness of parenting. Nobody told me Continue Reading

Happy Parents = Happy Kids

In our race to build careers, create financial security, and amass material things for our families, many of us have forgotten to strive for happiness. Continue Reading

The Similarity Between Religions & Parenting Theories

Some people ask me if I believe in any particular parenting theory, and the answer is no, I don’t. I don’t subscribe to one parenting Continue Reading

How Parenting is Like Horseback Riding

The first time I rode a horse as an adult was with my husband in Prospect Park, shortly after we met. My horse was jumpy, Continue Reading

Why Sleep Training Should Be Re-Branded

Brand managers and marketers recreate brand image by renaming products, especially if their products receive unfavorable press. Sometimes companies reinvent themselves completely by simply changing Continue Reading

The Oxygen Mask and Self-Care

We’ve probably all heard the flight attendant speech many times. You know, the speech that tells us to put our oxygen mask on first, before Continue Reading

Is Your Family Sleeping?

Increasingly, I’m hearing from more and more parents who aren’t sleeping. At all. Or if they’re sleeping, it’s a crazy musical bed situation where parents Continue Reading

A New Mom is Born!

Today I want to honor my colleague-partner-client, Sara Frohlich, who recently joined the New Mom Club with the birth of her son, Henry. Sara, this Continue Reading

Did You Consiously Choose Parenthood?

In my former life as a luxury travel consultant, one of my favorite clients asked me to plan her 50th wedding anniversary trip. Knowing she Continue Reading

Are You a Bad Mom?

Before we have kids, I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us have NO idea what we’re getting into. As new couples, Continue Reading

Zen and the Art of Work-Family-Self Balance

I want to live in a world where parents don’t have to choose between career or family or self; a world in which all parents Continue Reading

Top 5 Tips for Childbirth with an Epidural

Some of us are simply petrified of natural childbirth, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of! An epidural can be a great thing. (Yes, I Continue Reading

Five Human Rights for a Drug-Free Hospital Birth

Due to the astronomical cost increases of medical malpractice insurance, nearly all of the birthing centers in NYC have disappeared. With the exception of the Continue Reading

New Parents: Will You Accept Help?

There’s a problem that I’ve been trying to put my finger on for some time. The status quo isn’t working for most parents, but it’s Continue Reading

Attachment Parenting or the Alternative?

If you’ve moved beyond pregnancy and childbirth books, you might begin to notice that there’s a HUGE theoretical divide amongst parenting experts about how you Continue Reading

When Life Spins Out of Control, Retreat to Mexico!

On September 25th 2009, I found myself in a very strange place. I was at home with my just-turned-one-year-old son and my three-and-a-half-year-old daughter, as Continue Reading

New Moms: Back Off and Let Dads be Dads

I’m a control freak and I know it. Many of my women friends are; we simply can’t help it. We’re so used to being in Continue Reading

If your newborn sleeps through the night…

Crazy things happen when you become a mommy. You may experience an excruciatingly painful, unconditional love that brings you to your knees. There will likely Continue Reading

What if you can’t breastfeed?

I suspect that everyone reading this already knows that breastfeeding is best for babies; that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breast milk exclusively for the Continue Reading

Why Choose Parenthood?

How many of you reading this deliberately chose parenthood? I’m not talking about that biological thing that makes you want a baby; I mean, how Continue Reading

Befriending your mama-fears

I recently attended an inspirational mini-seminar, in which the facilitator asked participants to “befriend” their deepest fears. The purpose of the exercise was to identify Continue Reading

What to believe if you’re expecting?

You’re expecting a baby, you’re reading a lot, and you’re getting confused about what to believe. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. If you Google “recommended Continue Reading

Circumcision Decision

If you’re having a boy, will he be circumcised? Have you thought about it? The U.S is the only industrialized nation that routinely circumcises boys, Continue Reading

Delivering Happiness

There’s been a lot of chatter amongst parents about New York Magazine’s recent cover story, “I love my children. I hate my life.” It was Continue Reading

Are you a “natural” woman?

By this I mean do you want an epidural or not? It’s an increasingly complex question. The majority of the pregnant women I meet today Continue Reading

Maternity and Postpartum Fashion

Maternity fashion has come a long way, but it’s got a long way to go. Thanks to the onslaught of freakishly fashionable & fit celebrity Continue Reading

Pregnancy and Fear of Medical Practitioners

I recently spoke with a woman who was 31 weeks pregnant with her second baby. Although she had no complications with her first delivery and Continue Reading

Expecting what, exactly?

Anyone reading this is probably “expecting”, an “expectant” mom, aka pregnant. She has probably read What to Expect When You’re Expecting, perhaps even has some Continue Reading

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