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Baby Sleep Training in California

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Who we are

As a renowned baby sleep training service in California, it’s essential to understand how we can help you and your baby. We are a team of trained professionals who specialize in assisting parents in establishing healthy sleep patterns for their infants and toddlers. Although we are headquartered in New York City, we travel throughout the country to help families.

Parenthood can be challenging, especially when it comes to sleep. Our primary goal is to support parents in creating a soothing and comforting sleep environment for their little ones while also ensuring that babies develop good sleep habits that promote their overall well-being.

Mommywise was the best decision we’ve made as parents. Our daughter is healthier and happier, and so are we!

Mommywise in California

Our ultimate aim is to help both babies and parents get the rest they need for their optimal health and well-being. We understand the importance of a good night’s sleep and its positive impact on a child’s development and a family’s quality of life.

By partnering with our sleep training service, you can gain the knowledge, support, and tools necessary to navigate the world of infant sleep and establish healthy sleep habits for your little one. Regardless of whether you’re in Los Angeles or San Francisco, we’re here to help!

Great sleep is a luxury for adults, but for children, it’s a necessity. We are forever grateful to Mommywise for helping us obtain both of those things.

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California for Parents & Babies

Though we can get you and your baby sleeping through the night in as little as 3-4 days, our packages are designed to last a lifetime.

Your Mommywise coach is more than a sleep trainer for your baby!  We coach you through the ups and downs of parenting through a difficult time.  

That said, finding resources, things to do and groups to join in California is vital to your wellbeing as a new parent.

Check out these recommendations!

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Top Pediatricians in California

Dr. Leila Bozorgnia
California Kids Pediatrics
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Monica Asnani
Miracle Mile Pediatrics
Los Angeles, CA

David G. Aguilar, MD
Tendercare Pediatrics
Downey, CA

Reid Giedt, M.D.
Pacific Coast Pediatrics
Salinas, CA

California Parenting Groups

Exceptional Parents Unlimited
A group of parents based in Fresno that are dedicated to helping struggling parents become exceptional parents. They provide services such as:

  • Assessment Center for children
  • Family resource center
  • Parent Training and information center
  • Mental health care


Parents Helping Parents of Santa Clara
At Parents Helping Parents, their mission is to help parents educate, inspire, and support families throughout the community and engage in programs to provide help to parents and adults with special needs.


Early Start Family Resource Network and Family Empowerment Center
Based in Riverside and San Bernardino counties, the Early Start Family Resource Network and Family Empowerment Center focuses on providing resources such as education and training to families of children who might be experiencing delays or disabilities. They help families get connected to the appropriate services to help their children in their early stages.

Best California Activities for Families

USS Midway Museum
The USS Midway Museum is located in San Diego and is a cool attraction for kids of all ages. This interactive museum provides families with plenty of fun to be had. The museum is actually on the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier that is like a floating city. So, head over to the USS Midway Museum for a day of family fun.

San Diego Zoo
Does your child love animals? Well, the San Diego Zoo is sure to light up their faces when they see the various animals in their natural habitats. With over 4000 animals to see there, you will not experience any shortness of excitement! Ride the tour bus and learn about each animal in the zoo with an experienced member of the zoo team. If you want to experience a day full of jam-packed fun, the San Diego Zoo is the place for you.

Universal Studios Hollywood
Universal Studios Hollywood is a magical place fun of excitement and fun for all ages! This entertainment-packed venue includes some of the best shops and restaurants in the area and some impressive cinemas on the CityWalk. Check out Universal Studios Hollywood today for a day full of family fun!

The Getty Center
The Getty Center is a beautiful location full of art and culture. Check out the impressively landscaped gardens and the museum with pieces by world-renowned artists such as Van Gogh, Monet, and Cezanne. Look out at the city while enjoying a delicious meal at the Cactus Garden restaurant, and appreciate all that the landscape has to offer. The Getty Center is sure to be fun for the entire family.

Griffith Observatory
The Griffith Observatory is a public observatory in Los Angeles that has been featured in quite a few motion pictures throughout its history. Due to its location on Mount Hollywood, the Griffith Observatory has some of the best views the city has to offer. Step inside the observatory, and you’ll be greeted with an impressive planetarium, exhibits, and more. If you want something fun for the whole family, the Griffith Observatory is definitely worth checking out!

griffith observatory CA

Family Friendly Gyms in California

California Family Fitness
California Family Fitness has locations throughout California and is one of the most family-friendly gyms in the area. Enjoy their various amenities and help keep the entire family happy and healthy.

Chuze Fitness
Chuze Fitness is located in Garden Grove, CA, and is home to one of the most popular fitness spots around. Some of the amenities include team training, a pool, and even a turf area. There is also a kids club for families with children between the ages of 6 months to 12 years old.

Bay Club El Segundo
Bay Club El Segundo is a gym that provides training and various activities to promote a healthy lifestyle. This impressive gym provides families with a kids club for children and even a summer camp as well!

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